Tamela Mann's photo before and after losing 40 lbs of body weight.

[UPDATED] How Did Tamela Mann Lose 50 Lbs of Body Weight? Find Out!

This year, in 2019, we have heard a lot of cases where celebrities have opted for a healthy life and as a result, lost weight. From Jessica Simpson to Shannon Beador and now, Tamela Mann, who lost over 50 lbs or 22.6 kg in recent months. But, how did she lose all that weight? Does the credit go to a weight loss surgery?

Well, not really! Her weight loss is all thanks to her fitness regimen and a diet plan from Weight Watchers. Though in between, she had a double knee replacement surgery, she came in loud and pushed herself to lose her weight.

In a quest for a healthy life, she chose to join hands with WW and became its ambassador. Now through its diet plan, she has lost subsequent weight. Find out more about Tamela Mann’s weight loss journey in sections to come.

Steps Tamela Mann Took to Lose 50 lbs of Weight

How did Tamela Mann lose all that weight?

Followed a Diet Plan from Weight Watchers

Stuck to a Strict Fitness Regimen

The American Gospel singer and actress Tamela Mann went on to shock her fans with her weight loss journey. As soon as she signed up as the ambassador for Weight Watchers, she started showcasing her weight loss journey.

Diet Control

The first and foremost thing Mann did to lose weight was to control her eating habits. She joined a new WW weight loss program which offered her a virtual trainer with 24/7 access. The program featured a Smart Point System based on her age, gender, and other body measurements.

The coach worked as a guide to control her munching habits. It guided her on what she could eat to even what she could cook. What’s more, the machine-generated trainer also chose what went on the plate at restaurants and parties based on her liking. No food was off limits!

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Revealing about what’s changed in her diet, Mann stated that she learned to allot her meals into small chunks. In contrast to her old habits, now when she eats a turkey sandwich, she distributes it into two meals.

Although her breakfast contains eggs, toast, and bacon, she has now learned to gobble up the eggs without the cheese. By the way, she still munches on snacks but, her snacks are way different from what her eight grandkids enjoy. She revealed her WW snacks in an Instagram post on June 20, 2019.


Among her dietary regulations, what Mann loves is that the Zero Point System introduced by WW has a wide variety of fruits to choose from. All in all, Tamela believes that it’s not a diet but a lifestyle change.

Surgery and Workout

Just months after the commencement of her weight loss journey, Mann, unfortunately, had to go through a double knee replacement surgery which meant that she couldn’t work out at the gym. She had successful knee surgery on July 18, 2019, and took to her Instagram to thank her fans for the prayers.


The Meet the Browns star revealed that during her recovery period, she couldn’t perform any physical activities. But, it was high time for her as, during that time, she focused more on her diet and mental wellness.

On August 20, 2019, the mother of four with husband David Mann shared that she could now walk without a cane. Here’s the post!


There was also a WW coach for her to help her recover and lose weight. Mann, while talking about her trainer stated that her personality matches her coach. She also said that her fitness guru could really be her sister.

The fact that her instructor also had a rough time losing weight in the past came in as an encouragement to Tamela. She just wants a healthier life and that’s about it.

That’s why I’m really pushing and wanting to do this, and to encourage other people to do it with me.

Mann’s determination worked alright and now, she is lighter. Her weight loss speaks for itself, right?

The Revelation of Mann’s Weight Loss!

The Change Me singer Tamela Mann announced on April 2019, that she had joined hands with WW and ever since, acts as a brand ambassador. Following her unity with the community, she started following a specialized diet plan and workout session and within just months, she was down 50 lbs.

The first-ever time, she revealed her weight loss was on April 23, 2019, when she posted that she had already lost 12 lbs or 5.4 kg.

Just before announcing she had a double knee replacement surgery lined up for her, on June 2, 2019, she disclosed that she was 20 lbs or 9.07 kg lighter.

The Grammys winner’s major weight loss announcement came on September 4, 2019, where she officially declared that she was down 40 lbs.


The 53 years old, in an interview with her community, stated that her like-minded family made it easier for her to commence her weight loss journey. Her daughter, Tiffany who joined her in her journey, also spoke about her mother. She said that her mama is a great wife and mother and that she’s always found herself looking at her for motivation.

Weight Loss Update

Tamela is now officially 50 lbs lighter. She took to her Instagram on the New Year 2020 to share a video of herself where she revealed her weight loss.

The WW ambassador appreciated her family, WW coaches, and most importantly, her fans’ support. She says it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of her fans.

Tamela Mann reveals about her 50 lbs weight loss.
Tamela Mann officially is now 50 lbs lighter.
Source: Instagram

In addition to that, Mann also revealed that she took the assessment and she’s in “team blue.” She claims that she will reach her next goal with the blue plan. So, which plan are you? A link to the post!

Why Mann Joined WW?

Speaking about her unison with WW, Tamela stated that she decided to join the team because she couldn’t lose weight on her own.

I prayed about it for a minute to make sure that I wanted to make this step.

The star told Essence, that losing weight was not her only goal. Encouraging people like her was also one of her major goals influencing her decision. She further talked about her excitement to bring a change in her lifestyle and be able to connect with people. But, was she successful? What do you think?

Tamela Mann’s Weight Loss Journey in the Past

Mann also has had a drastic change in her weight back in 2014. During an interview at the Tom Joyner Morning Show on July 21, 2014, Mann stated the fact that she had lost well over 100 lbs or 45.3 kg. 

I’ve lost over 100 lbs. I was a 30/32, now I’m down to like a 18/20, sometimes 16 tops. 

During her weight loss journey back in 2014, she always showcased her desire to walk into any shop and find something for herself. The final goal was to get to a size 14 or 34 inches.

Tamela, in addition to revealing about her weight loss and her desires, also revealed something about her personal life, about her husband. She divulged that her husband loved her at her heaviest and that he’s loved her at her smallest.

Previously, in 2012, in an interview with Essence, Mann stated that she was trying to lose some weight when asked about her slimming down secrets. Mann also opened up about having a trainer and also about her trying to consume the right diet.

Tamela Post Weight Loss

The Mann and Wife star wants her fans and whoever has felt the need to lose weight to remember that they are not alone and that they can have what they want within moderation.

Mann says that WW breaks the stereotype of “diet”. A lot of people think diet is all about not getting to eat what you want. But, she believes WW is different as it offers a little comfort where one could say I can do this and that.

Tamela says that the journey starts with yourself and she is doing this for herself first rather than her family.


Apart from her journey, there’s a major focus in her new clothing line as well. She says her fitness wear is for curvy women like her. You can take a look at her fitness line at Tamela Mann’s official website.

Tamela Mann Calls Her Fans Out

On an Instagram post of December 14, 2019, Tamela Mann asked her fans to tell her all the Weight Watchers testimonials. The testimonial could either be a short video or even a write-up.


Though this post is an ad of WW, Tamela starts off her intro with gratitude towards her friends, family, and her fans. She reveals that her fans have kept her motivated and encouraged during her wellness journey.

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