Sean Hannity lost 27 lbs in six weeks.

Sean Hannity’ 27 lbs Weight Loss Explained!

It’s almost time for the 2020 American Presidential Elections and the American conservative political commentator, Sean Hannity still seems to support the current President Donald Trump. Well, we won’t be talking about political stuff here but, we’re going to talk about Hannity’s weight loss journey.

Yes, you heard that, right! Sean Hannity lost as much as 27 lbs of body fat in six weeks. His secret? Ketogenic Atkins Diet Plan and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) workouts.

Here, we provide you details about why Sean lost weight and his secrets to his slimmer self as well.

Why did Sean Hannity Lose Weight?

First things first, Sean Hannity decided he needed to lose weight during the fall of 2012. How? Well, one of his friends took a picture of him while playing golf, and in his own words, “It was hideous.”

I looked four months pregnant. I had man boobs.

He asked himself what he was doing with his body, and it seems like his mind didn’t have an answer. This was it for Hannity as he took an oath that day. He started dieting and working out, and now, look at him, he’s all skinny, eh?

Sean Hannity’ Weight Loss Secrets

Jumping on to what Sean Hannity used to shed pounds, he used three or four days of training per week and a ketogenic Atkins diet plan.

Sean Hannity lost 27 lbs of body fat in six weeks.
Sean Hannity opted for weight loss after he saw of a photo of himself. Source: Wiki

The man started his weight loss journey by following the Atkins diet, low carbs, and high protein, at around Christmas. He saw a loss of 6 to 7 pounds with just a simple diet plan within a week.

The story of a Twitch Streamer Greekgodx who lost as much as 70 lbs in 1 year’s time through his hard work and sheer determination.

In six weeks, he was at 180 pounds (270 pounds before) which meant, she had lost a whopping 27 pounds.

For exercise, he took up kickboxing, Japanese jujitsu, submission, grappling, Filipino martial arts, and even blade and firearms training. Hannity jokes that his trainer calls these mix of styles the ‘street martial arts.’

It’s one nonstop hour of competitive intensity. At the end, I can barely keep my arms up.

This is not all for Sean, as he also gets self-defense training. As he revealed, his trainer attacks him, tries to put him down, and he’ll need to grapple and throw him down.

Take any scenario: Come up to me from behind, put me in a chokehold, put a gun to my head, threaten me with a knife, and I know how to get out of it.

This sure sounds scary, right? Well, it was way scarier for him when he received threats, which, as a result, has made him carry a firearm for most of his adult life. He says he has been confronted many a time and he also divulges that he can handle himself pretty well.

Has Sean Hannity Lost Weight Recently?

Well, the husband of Jill Rhodes, Sean has been a fitness lover since he started his weight loss journey. At the moment, he still goes on about living a healthy lifestyle.

Sean Hannity lives a healthy lifestyle where he follows diet plans and MMA workout sessions.
Sean Hannity looks quite thinner now, doesn’t he?

The American talk show host has switched his beers to a lighter one. Likewise, he also upped his training, and here he is now, skinnier than he used to be!

Did you know Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona lost 30 lbs of body fat in around four weeks using SkinnyJab weight loss injections?

At present, he eats mostly healthy, but while on the weekend, he just can’t control what goes into his mouth. And, hence, he gains weight. But, he gets back to his high protein and low carb diet, and everything’s the same again.

In recent days, there’s too much hype about the 2020 Presidential Elections, and as a political analyst, Hannity doesn’t stray from it, does he?

Whatever it may be, the man, with his dedication and will, lost all that pounds and still is living a healthy lifestyle. Hats off for his journey!

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