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Details about the Only Son of Steve Jobs, Reed Paul Jobs!

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Reed Paul Jobs is famous for being the son of the late Apple Co-Founder and Chairman, Steve Jobs.

Reed Paul Jobs’ Early Life

  • Reed Paul Jobs was born as the first child of Steve Jobs and his wife Laurene Powell Jobs on September 22, 1991, in California.
  • He was raised alongside two siblings and both of them are sisters. They are Erin Siena (born in August 1995) and Eve Jobs (born in 1998).
An old photo of Reed Paul Jobs with his family.
Reed Paul Jobs with his parents and three siblings.
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  • Steve Jobs named his son, Reed, after Reed College, where he studied for only a semester.

Half Siblings

  • Reed has an elder half-sister, Lisa Brennan-Jobs (born on May 17, 1978), from his father’s previous relationship with Chrisann Brennan.
Lisa Brennan Jobs with her father, Steve Jobs during childhood.
Lisa Brennan Jobs is Reed Jobs’ elder half-sibling.
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  • In the beginning, his father denied Lisa’s paternity for several years but accepted it later on.
  • Lisa followed her dream and became a journalist and author. She has a book, Small Fry.
  • She is also a magazine writer.
  • Lisa is currently married to her husband, Bill, and has three kids, a son, and two stepdaughters.

A Graduate of Stanford University

  • Reed Paul Jobs completed his schooling at Crystal Springs Upland School in Hillsborough, CA.
  • For his graduation, he enrolled at the Stanford University with the aim of becoming an oncologist. (It is believed he took the decision after his father lost his life to cancer.)
  • Though he is said to have completed his Masters in Oncology, his Linkedin profile says, he completed his Masters in Arts and not Science.

Father’s Demise

  • His father, Steve Jobs is always remembered as a revolutionary businessman.
  • He was the co-founder of Apple Inc., an industrial designer, and a successful investor.
  • Steve died at the age of 56 on October 11 due to pancreatic cancer.
Steve Jobs with his wife Laurene Powell Jobs.
Reed Jobs’ parents, Steve and Laurene Powell Jobs.
Source: Apple Insider

Mother – Laurene Powell Jobs

  • His mom, Laurene Powell Jobs is also a businesswoman and investor.
  • She is the founder and executive of the Emerson Collective Foundation.
  • She is an advocate of education and immigration reform. She also advocates for environmental conservation and social justice.

Reed Paul Jobs’ is the MD of Emerson Collective

  • Reed Paul Jobs is currently working at his mother’s social change organization, Emerson Collective as a Managing Health Portfolio Director since September 2015.
  • At Emerson, he wants to develop new therapeutic options for cancer patients by connecting leading researchers and innovative companies with the resources to advance the research. Here’s his full interview.
  • His later father, Steve was a billionaire. At the time of his demise, he had an estimated $10.2 billion net worth, all of which went to his wife.
  • At the moment, years after Steve’s demise, Laurene holds a whopping $19.8 billion as her net worth.
  • Steve and Laurene didn’t want their kids to have it too easy with money, so all of their kids are working their way up.
  • Reed and his family currently reside in their lavish $35 million 5,768 square feet Palo Alto mansion.
  • His family also has a $15 million ranch in Wellington, Florida, that can hold 20 horses and has a show-jumping training rink. His mom bought the ranch to help his youngest sibling, Eve train for equestrian competitions.

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