Raven Symone before and her weight loss journey.

Everything to Know About Raven Symone’s 70 Pounds Weight Loss

Weight has always been the talk of the town! Though it is now a minor thing, people are still judged by their size. Among them, film stars or celebs, in general, are criticized way too much for their weight. Raven Symone was also stressed about people telling her to lose weight, hence leading her to actually shed 70lbs.

Her producers always told her to lose weight, and even her fans criticized her for her huge build. After a couple of stressful years, Raven Symone took a break from the showbiz industry, and when she returned, she was 70 lbs lighter. The secret? Diet Control, Elliptical Workout, and above all, Less Stress.

Come and let’s get to know more about the Kim Possible star Raven Symone’s weight loss journey.

How and Why did Raven’s Journey Start?

The Cosby Show actress Raven Symone was just three years of age when she debuted on the television. Since childhood, she has been a part of the industry and hence had not had enough time to do what teenagers did while still young. At 15, when other teenagers used to worry about prom, Raven was busy working her skin off in fear of losing her roles.

Normal 15-year-olds had to worry about who’s going to invite them to prom. I grew up worried about memorizing my lines so my show wouldn’t get canceled.

Her directors and other members of the show always prompted her to lose weight. But it only brought more tensity to her life. As a result, she went by the universal rule, more stress equals more munching. Consequently, the tension in her life led her to her fat self.

Raven Symone appearing at an event in green dress.
Raven Symone’s fat self in 2008. Source: Yahoo

The 33 years old actress had a habit of finishing what was on the plate, but that habit of hers was regularly criticized by her peers. She just couldn’t understand why she couldn’t munch on doughnuts and instead opt for almonds.

I didn’t understand that all I could have was 12 almonds when there was a plate of doughnuts!

One day, following the completion of the fourth season shooting of That’s So Raven in 2007, she took a hiatus from Hollywood. During her break from the industry, she took charge of her own life and did what she desired to do and learned what she always loved, cooking.

I make really good Brussels sprouts!

Symone, moreover, gave a thought to fitness and started to take account of her daily way of life, also, changing her diet.

A quick fact before going into other details; there were a lot of instances for Symone where people just walked up to her and asked her if she’s pregnant. She revealed the fact while talking with The View.  

When I was at my heaviest, like 185 pounds, people would be like ‘Are you pregnant? Are you pregnant?’ and I’m like, ‘No, I’m fat, get away from me

The lady also revealed that the same thing didn’t only happen to her, as this has become a cult in the industry. Hollywood was all about fat-shaming and not accepting women for their bodies. Do you think the system still prevails in Hollywood? 

Raven Symone’s Diet and Workout for Weight Loss

After her decision to lose weight, she took into account her nutritionist Philip Goglia‘s advice. From three heavy meals a day, she transitioned her way to six smaller portions. Likewise, she munched on fast food only once a week.

Though she ate fast food a day per week, she could only order a veggie burger, and what’s more, she had to throw away half of the French Fries.

I order a veggie burger and throw away half a carton of French Fries when I get it.

The actress also started working out at the gym four times a week. As reported by People in 2008, she took up an exercise regimen that included soccer and boxing. Not only that, but she also started doing 30 minutes of elliptical workout sessions. 

Do you wanna know what changes she had both physically and mentally following her journey? Then keep on reading! 

The Aftermath of Weight Loss

Let’s get into it, but with the funniest thing, she heard about her during her disappearance! Can you guess what it’s about? 

Raven Symone in white tank top with low cut black blazer and a quarter pant.
Raven Symone after her weight loss journey. Source: AssignmentX

Well, some gossip-mongers started talking about Raven’s disappearance from the entertainment industry and linked it with the fact that she was pregnant. Yes, she was indeed pregnant, but not with a baby but with stress.  

Onto the serious talk! Following her slim body transformation, people came up to her and told her that she’s pretty. But, she felt pretty even before her weight loss journey. 

People say, ‘You look so pretty!’ But I was pretty before

Though she had to lose weight because of stress, she has always preached for comfort in oneself. Even now, she teaches, 

Be comfortable with yourself

Even if she wanted or had no intention of losing weight, what she finds beneficial now after weight loss is clothing. Losing weight has sure helped her put on clothes and not wear a girdle. There’s another thing she finds super cool, her thighs, which look much beautiful, now that she lost 70 lbs. 

Symone, however, still feels that she is the same person as she was before. Either at 200lbs or at 135lbs, she says she’s still the same person inside out. 

Seating with Wendy Williams and More

Post-weight loss, Raven has appeared in several shows since she became slim and trim. But, there are two specific shows, where she talks about her weight loss journey, one with Wendy Williams and the other with Oprah Winfrey

Raven Symone sits in an interview with Oprah Winfrey on the Oprah Winfrey Show.
Raven Symone appeared in the Oprah Winfrey Show and talked about her weight loss journey. Source: Hollywood Life

During her time with Wendy, she revealed that she was a proud woman before and after her journey. However, she is still in awe of her “thicky thicky self”. 

When asked about how she lost all that weight? Did you know what she replied? “I stopped stressing.” She revealed that at 15, she had an entire show on her shoulders, and it was a huge cast. She always had to rethink about her health because a day’s sickness would cost her filmmakers a lot of money. 

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Wendy also asked Raven if she ever stopped overeating to become fit. But, as real as it gets, she revealed that she hadn’t changed her eating ways. She also stated that it was not overeating that caused her weight, it was stress. Symone explains, 

Your body has to get rid of that stress some way. Some people break-out, some people lose their hair, some lose weight, some people gain weight, my body just reacted a certain kind of way.

Well, here’s the full talk! 

YouTube: Raven Symone talks about her weight loss journey on The Wendy Williams Show

Cheers to Symone for losing weight, that too, 70lbs. However, she feels that she lost weight at an awkward timing. As she decreased her size, the whole world turned into a thick girl phenomenon. Everyone started becoming thick on television. 

Around her snake-hipped days, in 2011, she was cast in the TV series, State of Georgia. The show wanted a thick funny woman to play the role, but, unfortunately, she just slendered down. Ironically, she had to use pads in her outfits to look fat. 

“I finally lose my weight, and the show wants me to be thicker!” 

The irony of Raven’s fitness!

Mindset after Losing Weight

The lady previously had a blog under her name, where she used to write about her thoughts and experiences. In one of her articles about weight loss, she revealed that she’d love the industry if it could differentiate between obesity and fat, thick and thin, and sick. 

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Symone identifies herself as a thick girl, and she believes in a healthy life. She’s healthy, she exercises, and most importantly, she thinks she’s beautiful. What more do you need, right? 

Amidst all those weight loss tittle-tattle, she also revealed that she’s now wearing bigger clothes. Why? Well, before, people looked at her for her talent, but now that she is smaller, people are staring at her for the wrong reasons. 

Does Symone Still Follow her Fitness Regimen?

After all these years, in 2019, do you guys think Raven Symone is still following her fitness regimen? Is she still slim and trim, or has she gained weight? At the moment, let’s just say she is healthy. 

Raven Symone shows off her Hello Beautiful t-shirt inside her outer.
Raven Symone now opts for a healthy life rather than the “thin” life. Source: Instagram

Recently, in an interview with the FN, Raven stated that she has been every size there is from a 2 to even an 18. She also revealed that size doesn’t matter and that she’s been happy in every step of her journey either at her skinniest or at her biggest.

What’s more, she also stated that through her journey to love her own body, she’s also trying to share that love with other people and get encouraged by them.

Now, she’s all cool and living her life by her own means. Happy the way she is!

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