Nathan Fillion looks more than thin in the new season of The Rookie.

Did Nathan Fillion Really Lose Weight?

Does The Rookie star Nathan Fillion look thinner to you guys? Is it due to his recent weight loss, or just because of his new haircut?

In the new season trailer of the ABC show, The Rookie, that came out in September 2019, fans immediately noticed something wrong with Fillion; he looked way too thin. But, did he really lose weight? Apparently, he did!

While many of his fans were appreciative of his new weight loss, others were quite a skeptic and concerned about his overall health. Let’s look at what his supporters had to say about his weight loss. But, before that, let’s talk a bit about his thinner look, shall we?

Did Fillion Really Lose Weight? How much did He Lose?

It seems so! The 48 years old actor Nathan Fillion, who even preferred to have a stuntman for running scenes because of his weak knee, has certainly lost some kilos but he is still to speak about his physical changes.

Although Fillion has refrained from talking about his transformation, he took to his Twitter to share a photo of his much skinnier self. “This season we are using the new ‘chiseled filter’.” This sure has his fans overwhelmed.

The man looks really lean, right? But, why the change so suddenly? Was it for the second season of the show or for his new role in The Suicide Squad?

The Firefly star is quite silent about his recent weight loss but, his fans have a lot of theories about why he really lost weight! While some believe he has been losing weight since a year back, others think it to be sudden. Some also think that the reason he lost all that fat is to film the new season of The Rookie.

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Fans, in addition to such, also have a theory that suggests that he is getting the chiseled look for his new movie, The Suicide Squad to work alongside the likes of Margot Robbie, Will Smith, and Jared Leto.

Whatever the cause it may be, Fillion has kept his fans hanging in the air. Though the actor has remained mum, his fans had a lot to say about his new skinny look.

His Fans Thoughts About His New Look

Soon after the season 2 promo of the dramas release, Nathan’s fans went crazy over his new looks. Some thought he looks way too charming while others were highly concerned.

In a post where Fillion teases with the new chiseled look, one fan by the handle, H Comeau said that he looked thinner yet handsome. But, all in all, she liked the meatier look on him.

Similarly, another fan with the handle, Breaking Jesus joked, “So, when do we start seeing The Rookie Workout articles in our favorite fitness magazines?”

Yet another Twitter user by the name, Deborah Franko stated that he looked so much more chiseled this season and also joked that the new chiseled feature was working fine.

Another follower, however, showed concern over his health and wrote,

If this is a desired look so sad, makes you look like you have been really ill.

In a similar manner, Maggie Caylor, one of his fans, first talked about how good he looked now. But, she also shined light on the fact that he had lost a lot of weight and hoped everything is all right.

Nathan Fillion’s Thinner Look in the Trailer; Did He Lose Weight for The Rookie?

The fan-favorite Nathan Fillion looked more than just thin in the first look of the second season of the ABC TV series, The Rookie, which was released on September 2019.

The Rookie Season 2 promo had us all look at the thinner Nathan Fillion.

The second season started right where it left off in the first season. The promo teased a new angle for the case of Eric Winter who collapsed even though he received a cure for the virus.

Fillion, who in no way looks buffed as he was in the first season, is too eager to get a taste of action though he is just six months into his police career. He is somewhat trying to keep up with the youngsters since he is the oldest among the group.

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New season brings new challenges and most probably a love triangle between Nathan, Sarah Shahi, and Ali Larter. Oh and don’t forget, Nathan and Sarah started their relationship at the end of the first season.

The show which follows the life of John Nolan (Fillion) where he pursues his dream of becoming a part of the LAPD, returned to the screens on Sunday, September 29, 2019.

Whatever the reason of his weight loss, Nathan sure looks charming now, ain’t he?

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13 thoughts on “Did Nathan Fillion Really Lose Weight?

  1. Nathan Fillion LOOKS FANTASTIC!! He look healthy and in good shape. It would be unrealistic for him to be out of shape when you are on foot patrol and or running after crimminals every day. Being a Castle junkie, he always looked better when he was in good shape and also realistic that Beckett would be with someone who was healthy in shape not a out of shape slug. Keep up the healthy life style!!

  2. No I don’t think he looks good and he didn’t lose fat! He looked very healthy before and not to buff! He was just stocky! Now looks very sick like maybe pancreatic cancer! He needs to let his fans know! They are worried about him! It isn’t just the weight loss either! He doesn’t seem to smile on the show anymore and if he does it seems forced! Your fans love you nathan and we are worried about you!

  3. NF looks great right now, very svelte and sexy. However, as a CASTLE devotee, I liked that NF better. Though the running joke in CASTLE was the “I really am ruggedly handsome”, he was absolutely “pretty handsome” then, which I adore. Now he has reached “ruggedly handsome” and I love that too – after all it is Nathan either way!. Would I be upset if some of the weight came back – NO! And while I crave the sexy romantic Richard Castle, I also love the rugged cop John too!

  4. He looks more like a police rookie. He looks healthier now. It could be the role required it or his knee did. Extra weight isvery hard on the knee. He also could have had surgery on the knee and the physical therapy could be responsible for the weight loss. He looks healthier for it.

  5. Sorry, all you guys that liked him beefier! I really like the new look, he has such beautiful bone structure and the weight loss really showcases it. I actually thinks he looks YOUNGER with the weight loss. I remember when The Rookie started, I thought he looked vaguely familiar but didn’t recognize him from Castle (which I admit I didn’t watch a lot) as he was thinner on the first season than from the older show and looks even better in season 2. Love The Rookie and glad to see it back – may we get many more seasons. John Nolan is a great character, with such depth – Nathan’s portrayal is right on.


  6. I agree with Sharon, the first thought was he is sick or was and boy did he age! A little heavier and maybe the skin will lift again on his face. Not a good look for him.

  7. Really like The Rookie and Nathan Fillion, however, the weight loss makes home look older. I had wondered if he was ill so relieved it was ahis choice to lose the weight loss.

    1. First of all Nathan looks how he looks and that’s his business. And Sharon of course he is going to look older, no one stays looking exactly the same. He’s 49 years old what, is he supposed to look 20. Patricia Anderson: He is thin, that’s how weight lose works. It involves losing weight. It is so wrong to put the fact that you think he might be sick into the universe. Jimmie Benton: Nathan is in The Rookie, therefore say you like both is basically saying the same thing twice. Weight loss has nothing to do with how old he looks because that’s is just how old he is. And he’s not even that old, he’s only a young 49er. And it’s not, “loss the weight loss.” it’s just, “loss the weight.”. Sheila Cooper: He doesn’t “look” better than before, he just changed his lifestyle and it’s normal everyone does it once in their life. Just because someone takes up more space than one should, doesn’t mean they aren’t healthy. Pam Kurkowski: People get older. Famous people are no different, no matter how stressful it may be to realize it. It is true, everyone ages and that’s just life. And to give you some facts, if one does get heavier their face will not lift up it will go down because of the fat… Duh. And he is fine the way he is. Janet: I couldn’t agree with you more. Jill Jones: I know exactly what you mean. At first I barely recognized him, he looked so good. But he does look good either way. Nathan is Nathan. Sara Harper: I don’t quite understand what you mean by “he looks more like a police rookie”. I mean isn’t that his character, isn’t he supposed to look like a police rookie and what does a police rookie “look” like anyway. Are they all the same or something? And like I said before you can not tell if someone is healthy just by looking at them. Coming up with theories about surgery or him doing it just to get the role is just hypothetical and the fact is… well no one knows the truth because the truth is for Nathan and Nathan alone. CL Woodall: Couldn’t say it better myself. Sandy: I’m sorry but something is seriously wrong with you. Why on God’s earth would you say that you think he has pancreatic cancer? To put that into the universe is stupid and naive of you. And just because he doesn’t smile on the show doesn’t mean he isn’t happy. He is an actor and in some parts he’s not supposed to smile that’s why he doesn’t smile on the show not that he’s sick or anything. The smiles don’t look forced because if they did that mean that he isn’t doing his job right. He smiles are supposed to look real they’re supposed to look authentic because it’s acting, acting is pretending to be real. And how do you know what his fans are thinking you are only one fan, some may be thinking he looks great, some may be thinking they don’t care, and some may be thinking about bear claws. You don’t know, only they do. Kelli: He looks great, I agree with you there. Yes, it is true that he would have to be in better shape in order for the role to be played correctly being the force doesn’t allow you to be over a certain weight limit. but realistically no one truly Knows Why Beckett fell in love with Castle. Falling in love isn’t really a choice and yes in the past Becca did go out with smaller guys but it doesn’t mean she has a type. Anyway if anyone has any questions or just wants to chat about a common interest or topic or just because your’e bored I wouldn’t say no. So here’s my email: . And yes I do know that it’s a bit long and complicated, I made it that way so that my friends wouldn’t try and get into my Movieboxpro account. : )

  8. In my personal opinion, I think he has gotten to thin. He looks sick. I hope that is not the case. God bless.

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