Mike Bushell's weight loss journey in Strictly Come Dancing in three pictures.

Mike Bushell Lost 14 lbs in Strictly; His Weight Loss Journey

When it’s about participating in different sports, no one can beat this guy. To give you an idea, he has tried over 500 games to date. The person we’re talking about is Mike Bushell, the BBC Breakfast sports presenter.

The sports reporter recently participated in the BBC One program, Strictly Come Dancing, and to the shock of his fans, lost over 14 lbs of body weight.

What’s the secret of Mike Bushell’s weight loss? What does he have to say about losing over 6 kgs in just a few weeks? Let’s find out!

What Triggered Mike Bushell’s 14 lbs Weight Loss?

The 53 years old Mike Bushell lost a stone while on his journey to becoming the best of the best celebrity dancers out there. In a competition where he coupled with Katya Jones, he proudly became lean and sharper.

The revelation came in on Sunday, November 3, 2019, at the Strictly results show. While chatting with the show’s current host, Claudia Winkelman, Mike revealed that he had lost 14 lbs of weight and still counting.

Though the man, in week four of the competition, spoke up about his love for unhealthy foods and drinks, a few simple tweaks to his daily routine since then changed the way he lived. But, was it the only factor of his weight loss?

Mike and Katya on week 4.

Well, the first and foremost thing that helped was the intense training for the competition. According to Bushell, the competitiveness of the show was one of the many reasons motivating him and his dance partner for intense training sessions. That said, Bushell also stated that dancing is good for your health and that dancing is transforming. It sure is transforming, right?

Following his weight loss, Mike reported he could stand and sit straight. In addition, he also revealed that he was taller because of his posture.

I’m standing up straight, I have a different posture – we are a nation of looking down at our mobile phones.

Whatever it may be, his dance partner Katya certainly kept him determined and that did the work!

What did Mike and His Wife have to Say about His Weight Loss?

Following his weight loss, Mike Bushell and his newly married wife, Emily Bushell sat down on their sofa at home and spoke with Dan Walker from the BBC Breakfast.

While speaking to Dan, Mike disclosed that he lost just over a stone ever since he started appearing in the show. Similarly, he also stated that he would lose more if he were to stay in the competition for an extended period.

Stereotypically, when a man gets married, he tends to put on a bit of weight but Mike’s actually transformed hasn’t he?

Mike again declared that he had lost a stone (14 lbs or 6.35 kg) and a couple of pounds. He also admitted that his participation in the competition would increase his weight loss mark every week.

Emily interrupted Mike and then joked about her husband fading away.

I’m a bit worried about him!

Though she has worries, she felt proud of her partner for doing the intense exercises and transform into a healthy being. She exclaimed that she loves the new leaner Mike.

Mike said,

I think I’m less clumsy now, I think I have a sharper mind, it improves your mental agility.

His life partner, however, doesn’t seem to agree. She immediately answered, “Maybe Not.”

A Little about Mike’s Strictly Come Dancing Journey!

Mike Bushell became one of the trending topics when he revealed his participation in the Strictly Come Dancing series on August 2, 2019. He got the chance to enter the competition following fellow sportscasters Chris Hollins and Ore Oduba.

While talking about his participation, Mike stated that it felt like a weird dream.

I am flying the flag for dad dancers.

The sports reporter also joked that he wouldn’t fall over, a reference to his falling into a swimming pool during the Commonwealth interview. He also joked about feeling sorry for whoever he was coupled with.

Mike falls into the pool.

Now, to talk about how he performed in the show, he actually did very well, surprising most of his fans. The man, though, was in the elimination race for a couple of times, was safe until week 7.

On 10th November 2019, week 8, Mike and his partner Katya Jones got eliminated following a face-off with Michelle Visage and Giovanni Pernice. For their eight performances, the duo only earned 188 points against a total of 320.

Mike Bushell’s Strictly Come Dancing comes to an end.

Following his elimination, the now-14lbs-thinner Mike sent a video message to his morning show where he explained what his experience was. He thanked his supporters for their love and support and also stated that the show has been a completely life-changing experience.

I hope it shows how dancing is for your physically, mentally. I feel a lot sharper and it’s made me deal with the pressure a lot more.

Bushell believes that trying new things isn’t about embarrassment. “Just believe, have fun, and go along with your mates.”

Though he lost, it wasn’t actually a loss for him as many good things happened within those eight weeks. The show made him sharper, made him less prone to pressure, and the most amazing achievement, his 14 lbs weight loss.

Cheers to Mike Bushell for trying!

Mike Bushell Underwent Facelift

The Strictly Come Dancing contestant, Mike Bushell, had to have a lower facelift following his recent weight loss journey. The man felt a need to do so because he started feeling self-conscious of his recent one and a half stone weight loss.

To make his face look normal again, Bushell opted for a Strawberry Lift, which, as its official website says, lifts and tightens the skin with non-invasive treatment. He revealed that he was intrigued by the natural process of tidying up any flabby, loose skin.

I was interested to use the Strawberry Lift and not undergo invasive surgery on my chin line.

With that, he also revealed to MailOnline that he wanted to look after his appearance as he approached 54.

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