Maneet Chauhan looks quite different after losing 40 lbs of weight.

Insight into Maneet Chauhan’ Weight Loss Journey!

Being a chef is a hard job to do, even more, when you are opting for weight loss. You most certainly have to try out the delicious meals you prepare, and that hinders you from adopting a paleo or even a keto diet. Though all that, the Indian chef Maneet Chauhan was able to lose 40 lbs or 18.14 kg. But, how did Maneet lose all that weight?

Well, she just did simple math and started logging her calorie intake. She also indulged in a healthy lifestyle, especially walking. Maneet deprecated mindless eating out of her diet plan. And, what’s more, she even educated herself about nutrition and diet, and that did the work for her.

So, here we are talking about the Chaatable-owner Maneet Chauhan’s weight loss journey and her secrets to 40 lbs lighter figure. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Maneet Chauhan Weight Loss Secrets

Well, it’s not much of a secret, is it? The judge of Food Network show Chopped, Maneet Chauhan, lost weight thanks to her healthy lifestyle and simple math.

If you eat less than you burn, you lose weight.

For her records and calculations, she used an online food diary, MyFitnessPal, the same app YouTuber Behzinga used to count his calorie intake. Her count read 1200 calories per day. To back that calorie counter up, she made sure she walked as much as 10,000 steps a day.

If I’m at the airport and the lounge is over there, I’m like, “No, I haven’t done my steps.” So, I walk from one end of the airport to the other with my suitcase.

Well, she sure has taken up a healthy lifestyle, eh? That’s not all; she also kicked sugary items out of her diet. As she revealed, if there are a boiled egg and a croissant for dinner, she chooses the egg, ending the mindless eating, at least that’s what she says.

Maneet Chauhan lost 40 lbs in several months.
Maneet Chauhan used simple math to lose weight.

The mum of two, a daughter, Shagun, 8, and son, Karma, 4, also stated that she is not depriving herself of food in the name of diet. Similarly, she is also not indulging mindlessly. A balanced diet with small portions is what she mostly focuses on.

Another thing that she does is drink apple cider vinegar with hot water. Similar to Maneet, there’s another celebrity Candace Cameron Bure, who also drinks apple cider vinegar but adds raw honey to the mixture.

Now, the lady wants to “add exercise to her routine.” Well, if she adds gymming to her routine, she will surely shed some more pounds, right?

Did Maneet Chauhan have weight loss surgery? If you are looking for an answer then, it’s a big NO! As already mentioned, her weight is all-natural and not the effect of any weight loss surgeries.

How did Maneet Chauhan Gain Weight?

Well, we have already talked about Maneet’s weight loss, now, let’s talk in brief about her weight gain! Maneet is the youngest of two kids, both daughters, who grew up in Ranchi. The communities where she grew up had people from a number of states, which meant she got to taste distinctive cuisines.

Maneet Chauhan was born in Ludhiana, India.
Maneet Chauhan was born to an engineer father and principal mother. Source: FoodandWine

In Ranchi, people ate three meals a day and to top it off, Maneet revealed that she ran to her neighbors for food though she already ate. Though it gave the lady the idea of regional cuisines, it also added to her weight.

Why did the Chef Think about Losing Weight?

The 43 years old chef Maneet Chauhan was always “very obtuse” so, it was not something she would gnaw at. She has always had comfort with her body, so it was nothing she would lose weight for. Then, what is the real reason for her weight loss journey?

Maneet Chauhan with her husband Vivek Deora and two children.
Maneet Chauhan with her husband and two kids.

Though body image didn’t faze her, she wanted her kids to see that “health is paramount.” Her weight loss was all about putting the right things into her body.

I had to be aware of what was going into my body.

She believed that it was important for her to be healthy not for herself but for her kids. She wanted to alternate the message she was sending to her kids. Vivek Deora’s partner didn’t want her kids to think it’s fine to be overweight. Hence, Chauhan opted for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

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