KTLA Lynette Romero before and after weight loss photo!

All about KTLA Lynette Romero’ Weight Loss Journey!

Source: Zimbio (left), Instagram (right).

KTLA News Anchor Lynette Romero’ weight loss, her plan, and probable surgery were one of the most talked-about topics in 2019. But, has she revealed her plans to her fans? Or, was it the magic of a weight loss surgery?

What do you think will you do if you want to lose weight, opt for a diet plan and a gym membership, or turn to medical ways? We don’t know about you but, Lynette chose the former one, and by the looks of it, it worked wonders for her!

Keep on reading to find out more about the Channel 5 News reporter’s weight loss journey.

When Did Fans Notice Lynette Romero’ Weight Loss?

During the closing moments of 2019, the KTLA anchor’s fans seemed to notice some change in her look. Yes, she looked a bit skinnier this holiday season.

Lynette Romero before her weight loss journey!
Lynette Romero at the NewFilmmakers LA Film Festival in 2014.
Source: Zimbio

While other people gain weight during this time of the year, our favorite KTLA reporter was looking slimmer. The first thing that came to our mind was, is Lynette sick? Well, fortunately, she isn’t. Then why’s she skinny? The only answer to this question, she lost weight!

Here’s a detailed and updated post about Lynette Romero’s weight loss journey! Enjoy!

On December 13, 2019, Lynette took to her Instagram to share a photo with her KTLA5 News team, and there, she looked way skinny than she used to be! The same day, she posted a collage and it also said the same thing, a lean look!

Lynette Romero looks skinny in this photo collage.
Lynette Romero posted her thin look in a black dress on December 13, 2019.
Source: Instagram

But, this was not when fans started noticing! Fans have been following her body transformation since way back in 2016. One of her fans, Holly M. Cleary, noticed Romero’s weight loss and asked her on her Twitter if she’d really lost weight.

Here’s the tweet!

Lynette Romero's fan notice the change in her body.
Lynette Romero’s fan asks about her weight loss on Twitter.
Source: Twitter

Following this, a plethora of her fans started questioning Romero about her journey and the secrets of her lean body. One fan with the Twitter handle, Bonnie Toblesky wrote,

Lynette, you look great! Please share your weight loss secrets! Thanks! Bonnie

Similarly, another one of her fans, Josie asked her the secrets to her weight loss! Dottie P, also her fan, joked about her disappearing (yes, Lynette’s weight loss plan is working!) and still asked the question everyone wanted to know about.

What’s your secret?

Fast forward three years to 2019 and fans were still asking the same question! Mommashig commented on Lynette’s photo on October 10, and asked her what’s working for her, regarding her weight loss! On the same post, Elisha_Taytay also asked the 52 years old reporter to drop her health plan for her fans.

Lynette Romero' fan asks her about her weight loss secrets and plans.
Here’s another post asking about Lynette Romero’ weight loss.
Source: Instagram

Well, the anchor has seen a lot of questions about her weight loss, but has she said anything about that matter?

What Had KTLA Anchor Had to Say about Her Weight Loss Journey?

Well, first things first, she did reply to the very first fan who asked her about her weight loss. After Holly’s tweet asking if she had lost weight, Lynette thanked her for noticing and then said, “the struggle is real.”

Lynette Romero replies to her fan about her weight loss.
Finally, Lynette Romero replies to her fan.
Source: Twitter

On the same tweet, Romero thanked her fan by the Twitter handle, Susanna, who appreciated her looks and great personality.

Lynette Romero replied to her fan but doesn't say anything about her weight loss!
Here’s another one of Lynette Romero’s replies.
Source: Twitter

No revelation till now, and you’re already disappointed? Do you remember the October 10, 2019, post, and comments we talked about earlier? Well, this was when Lynette finally spoke about her weight loss plans and such!

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A comment by SandraMarquez16100 about why her weight loss was a big secret and that a lot of her fans also had the same struggle had Lynette obligated to answer!

Lynette wrote,

No secret, I’ve said a number of times that I got serious about taking care of me and my health. I’m still working on it and not really in a position to give advice. But you know I share everything and I will just please give me a chance to get to where I’m going.

There’s you have it! The answer was not what many of us expected, but at the very least, she answered! Check out the comments and replies on this post of Lynette!

So, What Exactly is Lynette’s Secret?

So, what can we take away from the reply by David Angulo’s wife? Well, the first thing we noticed was that she still had body goals; she wanted to get to that level, and she’s still working on that.

Next thing, she thinks (and she’s probably right) she is not in the right position to give advice about weight loss. You have to get that everybody’s different, folks. What worked for her doesn’t mean it’ll work for you!

Here's what Lynette Romero had to say about her weight loss journey.
Finally, Lynette Romero speaks up about her weight loss journey.
Source: Instagram

The last thing that we want to talk about is her weight loss secret! And, that is just her healthy lifestyle, and nothing else, no diet pills, no weight loss surgery, no nothing! Her fans can very well take heed of this, right? Just focus on living a healthy life, and that will do the trick for you!

Do share with us your thoughts on this!

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21 thoughts on “All about KTLA Lynette Romero’ Weight Loss Journey!

  1. Some of you that are bashing Lynette are rediculous!!!! If you would have properly looked at her comments she tells you how she lost the weight and NO…she DID NOT have surgery. Stop your bashing and just be happy for her. Most people who bash others when it comes to weight loss are just jealous. Lynette you do YOU! You look great!

  2. I am in her age bracket and am now struggling with weight issues. I came to this site to see if she had information on what and how, so others could benefit from the info. Apparently Lynette is not into sharing. She might have lost weight but she certainly has lost that “Catty” disposition that she throws out there on KTLA. I know that Liberte would and has shared but then that is why Lynette has that arrogant, self righteous demeanor toward Liberte. Lynette….. You can shed the pounds but it doesn’t make you any more attractive if you still have the nasty disposition. With that in mind, I wouldn’t even want to know the secret. Like you are doing us some favor. To hell with you. I would rather find the way through people and natural techniques without the bad personality.

  3. Lynette, you look wonderful. Watched my husband do it. Know when to back down as losing weight can be addicting and you can go too far . Awesome accomplishment! :>)

  4. Lynette, you look wonderful. Watched my husband do it. Know when to back down as losing weight can be addicting and you can go too far as my husband did. Awesome accomplishment! :>)

  5. Lynette, you really looked beautiful today. You look very good in black. Terrible color on me, but beautiful on you. Have a blessed day

  6. Wow the net I thought you was a little better than that cuz he share everything but all of a sudden you don’t want to share your weight loss with us all I can say is wow

  7. I think she in intermittent fasting, a new popular diet. But, whatever diet is on right now, and she won’t share to KTLA viewers is a little selfish. Why secret? Sharing and helping someone is a good thing. Intermittent fasting for 8-10 hours with lower your sugar and carbs intake plus exercise. Lynette, you already and good-looking right now and people asking you a question.

    1. Yes, she is using the intermittent fasting method to lose weight. She has lost well over 40 lbs of weight in over a 6 months period. Check out her Instagram, you’ll find a one-hour video of her revealing her methods.

  8. It very selfish not to try and help others that want to get healthy theres nothing wrong with shareing what helped you maybe it would help some one else

  9. Really lynnett..stop being cutie either you had surgery and just won’t admit it or you just don’t care about people who need help..it’s serious not cutsie

  10. Lynette, you look fantastic.. how did you do it? You look so good and I noticed you shrinking for a few months now… I’ m going to turn 70 this year and have put on 25 lbs from poor health, but you have inspired me to get started………thank you in advance….KTLA rules.. that’s all we watch and my daughter got me hooked on your team ……….Jinny Bartusick, Huntington Beach, Calif… love that you show our pier every morning too…take care

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