Randy Moss and Libby Offutt.

Who is Libby Offutt, Ex-Girlfriend of Randy Moss?

Libby is the ex-girlfriend of Randy Moss. Source: Instagram (Right, Left)

Libby Offutt is known for being the ex-girlfriend of a retired American football player, Randy Moss. Professionally, she is working as a seller on Poshmark.

Libby Offutt’s Early Life

  • Libby was born on November 1, 1975, as Elizabeth Ann Offutt.
  • She is the daughter of Frank Montgomery and Margarette Offutt.
  • She was raised alongside two sisters, Angela and Jennifer Offutt.
  • Offutt completed her graduated from St. Albans High School, West Virginia.

Ex-Girlfriend of Randy Moss

  • Libby Offutt and Randy Moss started dating while they were in high school.
Libby Offutt and Randy Moss kissing.
Libby and Randy started dating in high school.
Source: Instagram
  • They were bullied and criticized by their schoolmates by making racial comments.
  • Randy got in a nasty quarrel after he tried to react to a comment.
  • He lost his scholarship to Notre Dame as a result of the fight, and was ultimately unable to play football for their team.
  • In 1996, Randy was arrested for domestic violence after the pair got into a fight.
  • Moss threw hot water at her after they had a heated argument.

Mother of Five

  • Libby Offutt became pregnant with her first child during her high school days.
  • She welcomed her daughter, Sydney Nikale Moss on March 6, 1994, when she was in her senior year.
  • Later, the pair welcomed four more kids: Senali, Thaddeus, Montigo, and Sylee Moss.
Libby Offutt's Five Children.
Libby and Randy have five kids.
Source: Instagram
  • All of thier kids have chosen sports as their profession except Sylee.
  • Thaddeus and Montigo are both football players, while David and Senali are basketball players.

Twitter Attack by Randy Moss

  • Libby Offutt was criticized by her ex-partner, Randy Moss via his official Twitter page in December 2016 where he reveled that she had problems with drug abuse.
  • He shared the letter from a legal firm, Horack, Talley, Pharr & Lowndes.
Randy Moss' Twitter Photo regarding Libby Offutt's drug problem.
Randy’s Twitter photo regarding Libby’s drug problem.
Source: Twitter
  • Moss posted the image after Libby’s mother, Margarette claimed that she had already moved on from her drug problem during an interview with TMZ.
  • Randy revealed that his ex-girlfriend was ordered to go to rehab prior to getting custody of their kids. However, she was “causing problems” since she didn’t want to go back to rehab for the fourth time.
  • The former athlete also accused her of slandering him and spending almost $4 million on drugs alone.

Poshmark Seller

  • Since July 2017, Libby Offutt is selling on Poshmark.
Libby Offutt's Poshmark snip.
Libby is a seller at Poshmark.
Source: Poshmark
  • She has, to date, had 2,264 listings, 32,306 shares, and 44,178 followers on Poshmark.

Hello Kitty Fan

  • The mother of five seems to be an avid fan of Hello Kitty.
  • Just look at her collection!
Libby Offutt's Hello Kitty Collection.
Libby’s Hello Kitty Collection!
Source: Instagram
Hello Kitty doll.
A Hello Kitty doll.
Source: Instagram

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