TLC's Unpolished star Lexi Martone looks skinny now but she was not like this in the past!

TLC’s Unpolished Alum Lexi Martone Weight Loss Journey!

You might have heard about the new TLC show, Unpolished, right? Well, for those who don’t, it’s a show about a salon, Salone Martone, that’s basically run by sisters, Lexi Martone and Bria Martone. One of the sisters, Lexi Martone, recently soared to fame for her weight loss story.

Martone was overweight since her childhood days, but she couldn’t lose her body fat. But, with her rising interest in art, her weight started to decrease, and self-esteem started to increase. Now, she is slimmer than ever.

But, how did she lose all that weight, and what more has she revealed about her life? Let’s find out!

Lexi Martone’s Weight Loss and Art

If you’re thinking why we included art in this topic then, it’s because it’s the major reason, Lexi Martone lost all that weight! According to Soap Dirt, she lost as much as 100 lbs or 45.3 kg of body fat in her early days.

The Unpolished star had always had a fitness problem, she was always thicky-thick. Not only that, but the lady also had no confidence in herself. While she was a teenager, she used to stay away from her friends and even hide at times. She hated herself and her looks in pictures.

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As we all know, Lexi is a nail artist and had an interest in it since her early days. So, she entered the competition, Next Top Nail Artist, that ranked the next top nail artist. Though she wasn’t able to win it, she became the runner-up for the competition. This surely changed the way she thought about herself, increasing her self-esteem like lightning.

Following this, everything changed for one of the Martone sisters. She changed her lifestyle, ate right, and worked out, to finally look, the doll she is now. Not only her health, but she also chose to turn her passion into a full-time job or in her case, business.

Lexi’s New Show, Unpolished

The 26 years old business owner Lexi Martone is currently a trending topic on the internet for her TLC show, Unpolished. The show premiered on November 17, 2019, and now it has already aired its second episode, All That Glitters.

Here’s a video of Lexi Martone showing nail art challenge.

The show basically showcases her life – her professional career side by side personal affairs. For her work at her salon, she is accompanied by her sister Bria, who looks after hair and makeup. Similarly, her grandma, Eleanor Varozzi also looks after hairstyling and such. Likewise, her mother Jennifer Martone is a manager for her business.

Not only this but her father, Big Mike and her partner, Joseph Meni also make some appearances in the show. All in all, the show will air its third episode on December 1, 2019, on TLC at 10 pm. Let’s just keep on watching Lexi and her family to know more about them!

Martone in Food Network

Our favorite nail artist, Lexi Martone, besides appearing on the TLC show has also appeared in a Food Network show.

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Martone, who is afraid of spiders and darkness, once appeared in the Bakers vs Fakers show. The show elementally focused on four contestants with two pros and two fakers.

Following her appearance as a faker in the Food Network show, she was offered a series on Buddy Valastro‘s YouTube Channel, Cakehouse.

Interest in Cooking

The lady was asked by the Nails Mag about her transition to baking/cooking. There, she revealed that she always had a knack for cooking and all such stuff.

As a nail artist and a baker, it’s quite hard to make time for both but, Lexi has managed it pretty well, so as to say.

Basically, I just don’t sleep.

Well, she’s kidding! As soon as she gets done with her clients, she drives back home and cooks something amazing all night long. The following day, she takes her delicious new creations to the salon and makes everyone fat, at least that’s what her family says.

New Goals

Initially, getting her new show, Unpolished to a greater level is one of her greatest goals but, what about her short term aim for now?

Well, at the moment, the lady has shifted her focus to paint sneakers. She loves art and by art, she mostly loves painting. She wants to try out sneaker painting and put it up on Instagram. So, watch out for her probable sneaker painting posts on her social media.

All in all, Lexi Martone was overweight during her early days but now, she is slim and trim, with over 100 lbs of weight loss. Check out her Unpolished series on TLC at 10 PM!

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Please don’t mix up Lexi Reed with Lexi Martone. Martone is a nail artist and got limelight from TLC’s Unpolished while Reed came to fame after she dropped over 312 lbs or 141.5 kg of body fat in about two years with diet and exercise.

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