A baby's photo with Brendan Fraser's head on it instead of Leland Francis Fraser.

Get to Know Leland Francis Fraser, Brendan Fraser’s Son!

Leland Francis is the youngest child of Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith. Source: StarStudds

Leland Francis Fraser is a celebrity child who is famous for being the youngest son, Brendan Fraser, and his ex-wife, Afton Smith.

Leland Francis Fraser’s Early Life

  • Leland Francis Fraser was born on May 2, 2006 in the United States.
  • He has two elder brothers, Griffin Arthur Fraser (b. September 17, 2002) and Holden Fletcher Fraser (b. August 16, 2004).
Leland Fraser with His Children.
Leland with his three children.
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Elder Brother Diagnosed with Autism

  • Leland’s elder brother, Griffin Arthur Fraser was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum in his early years.

Griffin’s rated on the autism spectrum. Um, and so he needs extra love in the world, and he gets it. And his brothers ever since they were small, one was always the spokesperson and the other was the enforcer.

His father revealed about his autism while talking to GQ Magazine.

Parents’ Marriage and Divorce

  • Leland’s parents first met on July 4, 1993, at a barbecue party hosted by actor, Winona Ryder.
  • After five years of dating, they got married on September 27, 1998, at the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles.
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  • They got sperated after 10 years of marriage in April 2008.
  • Following their divorce, the pair got joint custody of thier kids. Their kids mostly reside with thier mother in Connecticut. 

Divorce Settlement of His Parents

  • When his parents separated, his dad, Brendan Fraser was ordered to pay $50,000 in alimony and $25,000 in child support every month.
  • In March 2013, Brendan tried to reduce his alimony claiming his monthly income was $118,000, and his expenses were $205,000.

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  • However, his case was rejected since the divorce terms allowed the reduction of alimony only if his annual earnings were below $3 million, which wasn’t the case at the time.
  • His father, now holds an estimated net worth of $20 million thanks to his 77 acting credits.

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