Karl and Kay Kinsey Malone.

Get to Know Kay Kinsey Malone, Karl Malone’s Wife!

Kay Kinsey Malone is famous for being the wife of American retired basketball player, Karl Malone. Professionally, she worked as a supermodel who won the 1988 Miss Idaho USA.

Kay Kinsey Malone’s Early Life

  • Kay Kinsey Malone is the daughter of Celestina and Bob Kinsey.
  • Her parents are originally from the Philippines. They moved to the United States in 1962 soon after their marriage. 
  • Before settling down in Idaho Falls in 1983, they lived in San Antonio.

Successful Married Life with Karl Malone

  • Kay Kinsey Malone shared her vows with Karl Malone on December 24, 1990, in Malone’s home in Salt Lake City.
Kay Kinsey Malone and Karl Malone.
Kay and Karl have been married in 1990.
Source: Instagram
  • Following their marriage, they went on a short Christmas vacation in Wendover, Nevada.
  • They went for their honeymoon only a year after in Alaska.
  • While talking about their love story, they first met in 1989 at a downtown shopping mall during an autograph session in Salt Lake City.
  • Kay’s sister set Karl and Kay up.
  • Soon after that, they started dating and got married several months later.

Shares Four Kids with Karl Malone; Has Three Step-Kids

  • Kay Kinsey Malone has four kids with her husband. They are KadeeKylee, and K.J, and Karlee Malone.
Kay Kinsey Malone's family photo.
Kay has four children and three stepchildren.
Source: Instagram
  • The pair welcomed their first child, Kadee on November 8, 1991. Kadee, 30, is engaged to Cedric Johnson since early 2020.
  • She has a merchandise business which sells Dominican Cigars, homemade Vape Juices, and Hemp Oils.
Kadee Malone and Cedric Johnson.
Kadee has been engaged to Cedric since 2020.
Source: Instagram
  • On April 7, 1993, they welcomed their second child, Kylee.
  • Thier son, K.J. Malone was born in 1995.
  • In 1998, their fourth kid, Karlee was born. Currently, she is engaged to Brent Diaz (Milwaukee Brewers player).
Karlee Malone and Brent Diaz.
Karlee is engaged to Brent.
Source: Instagram
  • Kay is also the step-mother to Karl’s three kids.
  • Karl welcomed twins, Daryl and Cheryl Ford on June 6, 1981 with his former partner, Bonita Ford.
  • The former NBA athlete shared Demetress Bell with Gloria Bell.

Health Issue

  • Kay faced kidney failure after she suffered from a kidney stone in February 2021. Later on, her health improvement update was given by her son via Twitter saying she is doing well.

She wanted me to tell everyone what happened, she had two kidney stones that got stuck and it caused her to go into kidney failure, it then caused an infection that spread to her blood stream and she went into septic shock. It was honestly really bad, and we did almost lose her. But God is so good and she is doing so much better and is on her road to recovery. She is talking, walking and making jokes again! She still has a way to go but she’s doing so well! Thank you so much for all the prayers and kind words. We will keep you all updated. She says she’s thankful for all the prayers and love!

Shares $75 Million Worth

  • Kay Kinsey Malone shares $75 million net worth with her husband, Karl Malone.
  • In the beginning, she worked as a cheerleader.
  • In 1988, she participated in the Miss Idaho USA and was able to win the title. Later on, she worked as the director of pageants.
  • As of now, she is helping her husband run his business.

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