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What You Need to Know about Tom Brady’s Son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan!

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John Edward Thomas Moynahan is the only son of Kathryn Bridget Moynahan and her ex-boyfriend Tom Brady (NFL quarterback).

Early Life and Parents

  • John Edward Thomas Moynahan was born on August 22, 2007, in Santa Monica, California, at Saint John’s Health Center.
  • He is also known as Jack Moynahan.
  • His father, Tom Brady is a famous NFL American football quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
John Edward Thomas Moynahan and His Dad, Tom Brady.
John is the only son of Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan.
Source: Instagram
  • His mother, Bridget Moynahan, is an American actress and model who is popular for her appearance in the police drama, Blue Bloods as Erin Reagan.
  • His parents separated well before his birth.

Parents’ Relationship

  • Jack’s parents met for the first time back in 2003 after one of thier mutual friends set them up for a date. They started dating soon after.
  • After three years, they broke up. Moynahan’s representative announced the news of their separation.

(They) amicably ended their three-year relationship several weeks ago. We ask for your respect and consideration of their privacy. No further comments will be made.

Bridget’s rep revealed about their breakup.
  • The pair didn’t offically talk about their separtion.
  • As of now, his father is married to Gisele Bündchen and his mother is married to Andrew Frankel.
  • He has two paternal half-sblings: Benjamin Rein (December 2009) and Vivian Lake(December 2012).

John’s Father Was Not Allowed Inside the Delivery Room During His Birth

  • Bridget Moynahan didn’t know she was already pregnant with John Edward Thomas Moynahan when she broke up with her ex-partner, Tom Brady.
  • The news of pregnancy was revealed soon after their separation.
John Edward Thomas Moynahan with Father, Tom Brady.
John’s dad wasn’t allowed inside the delivery room by his mom.
Source: Instagram
  • Since the pair had already broken up, Tom didn’t take much care of her and due to this very reason, Bridget didn’t allow him inside the delivery room.
  • At the moment, the pair shares joint custody of Jack.

Wants to be a Soccer Player

  • John Edward Thomas Moynahan is interested in sports like his father.
  • While talking with Men’s Health, John’s father revealed he’s like his

Jack loves sports. He wants to try hard, and he never wants to disappoint his dad. That was me. I’d wake up early on weekends to do stuff with my dad. That’s why I didn’t party a lot. If Dad wanted to golf, I wanted to be there with him. And if I ever missed those things, it would crush me.

I think right now he wants to be a professional soccer player. Though after the Olympics he’s like, ‘I think I’m going to win a gold in swimming. Then it was Michael Phelps. So I think he just likes awards.

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