Before and After photo of Jimmy Jam's Weight Loss.

Jimmy Jam Weight Loss; Is He Ill?

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James ‘Jimmy Jam’ Harris, who is famous for being a part of soulful R&B/pop music alongside Terry Steven Lewis, recently got into fame for his weight loss news. He seemed quite healthy but now, he’s too slim.

With Terry Lewis, Jimmy Jam has over 41 top ten music hits in the US. This made sure that he collected a great fanbase, who now, is worried about his health.

Why did he lose weight? Is he ill? These questions are bringing curiosity to his fans’ minds. Let’s get started to see if he went on a weight loss stint or if he’s really sick.

Jimmy Jam: Fat to Fit?

Around January 2018, when we saw Jimmy Jam at a red carpet event with his daughter, Lisa Jam Harris, he looked quite healthy. But, this changed a few months later.

Jimmy Jam and his daughter, Bella Harris.
Jimmy Jam was meatier back in January 2018 when he appeared at a red carpet event.
Source: Lisa Jam Harris’ Instagram

When fans saw him at another event, he was a different man. Again, a year later, on February 11, 2019, when Jimmy appeared at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party, he was down to the bone. He seemed to have lost nearly half his weight. At Elton John’s Oscar Party, Jimmy shocked all of his fans again with an even thinner look.

Jimmy Jam with wife at Elton John's Oscar Party.
Jimmy Jam lost over half of his body weight in less than a year.
Source: Lisa Jam Harris’ Instagram

His slender appearance really made it hard to believe that he’s healthy. The changes that he went through over the years were just too much for his fans to digest.

Fans’ Curiosity about Jimmy’s Thinner Look

Jimmy Jam’s weight loss was a trending topic on the internet, his fans were asking questions, worrying about the famous singer. On May 2, 2019, Keith Sweat, a fellow singer, shared his thoughts on Jimmy’s transformation through his official Facebook page. His post received a decent number of comments.

One fan, Diane Alexander worried about how Jimmy looked sick and hoped that he was ok. Another fan with the handle, Tony Mason, however, remarked on his appearance and said that he looked great and different from what he used to look.

Jimmy Jam's weight loss comment on Keith Sweat' FB post
Jimmy Jam’s weight loss comment on Keith Sweat’ FB post.
Source: Keith Sweat’s Facebook

Several months after that, in September 2019, a fan revealed that he had been following Jimmy’s weight loss in 2018 and that, he had lost most of his weight in 6 months which he wouldn’t have if it was an illness. He also went on to claim that if it was an illness, the world would have heard of it by now. “He played with Janet in MN a few nights ago.”

However, another fan compared his body transformation with the musician Prince, who passed away in 2016.

Anyone see the Soul Train Awards? It was an amazing finale; Jimmy Jam continues to concern me. He’s losing weight like Charlie Murphy. Prince going downhill the same way but died before he looked as sick.

A fan says Jimmy Jam’s weight loss is worrying him.

There has been a lot of assumptions about his health but no one knows whether he’s ill or healthy. He has lost half of his body weight but, he’s kept his details to himself. Let’s just pray about his health and hope all’s ok.

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