Jessica Simpson before and after her weight loss in 2019

A to Z of Jessica Simpson’s Weight Loss Journey

Try to lead a healthy life, and it will bring about the bodily changes you are looking for in your life. Some simple changes to her daily lifestyle brought the American singer Jessica Simpson back on track. As she had always done during pregnancy, Jess gained too much weight the third time, as well. But, this time, she shed around 100 lbs of body fat in just 6 months although she hadn’t planned to. Lucky it seems, eh?

Following the birth of her third child, Birdie Mae Johnson on March 19, 2019, with husband Eric Johnson, she started living a healthy life instead of just focusing on losing weight. During that period, she weighed in at 240 lbs, but six months later, to her surprise, she weighed only 140 lbs.

How did she do that? Well, all this became possible thanks to her fitness trainer, Harley Pasternak, who’s been her trainer for over 12 years now. Wanna know more about Jessica Simpson’s weight loss journey? Then, just scroll below!

The Revelation of Jessica’s Weight Loss

The mother of three looks stunning lately after she managed to lose 100 lbs of body fat within just six months. Following her epic weight loss journey, Jess took to her IG account to share her proud moment where she revealed that she shed 100 pounds in 6 months. She also disclosed that she weighed 240 lbs at her highest.

Jessica Simpson appeared at the FFANY Shoes Show while she was pregnant with third child.
Jessica Simpson was 240 lbs at her highest during third pregnancy. Source: Instagram

Here’s the Instagram post – one has her wearing a black dress holding a bag while the other shows her carrying her baby daughter, Birdie.

Jessica Simpson holding her third child, Birdie Mae Johnson while showing her weight loss journey.
Jessica Simpson revealed about her weight loss on her Instagram. Source: Instagram

Not only did Jess reveal about her weight loss, but also her trainer, Harley, reposted her photo on his Instagram praising the songstress.

According to Harley, Simpson is always the warmest, sweetest, and the most polite person in the world. He also believes that she currently looks younger than she was when they first met.

Harley Pasternak helped Jessica Simpson lose weight and look this gorgeous in black dress.
Harley Pasternak took to Instagram to reshare Jessica Simpson’s weight loss post. Source: Instagram

Enough of this revelation thing! Now, let’s look at how she lost all those weight, shall we?

What did Jess Actually do to Lose 100 lbs?

Birdie Mae Johnson weighed in at 10 pounds and 3 oz during her birth while her mother Jessica Simpson weighed twenty-four times larger than her child. The With You singer gained so much weight that she struggled to touch her toes. Don’t believe us? Have a look at this post!

Jessica Simpson bends forward but cannot touch her feet.
Jessica Simpson couldn’t touch her feet following weight gain. Source: Instagram

Now you believe us, right? Well, after just six months of healthy living, Jess shed 100 lbs of body fat, leaving her fans stunned with the weight lost. The secret to her weight loss?

It was nothing more than five simple rules that changed her life, starting with walking to seven hours of sleep to an hour of tech restriction to circuit workouts to a simple diet plan. Jess completed it all, and now she’s here 100 lbs skinnier.

Let’s get into her weight loss secrets in more detail, shall we?

Five Steps to a Lean Jessica Simpson

The first and foremost thing Jessica did was to walk around 12,000 steps a day. This wasn’t actually the plan as it was only half of the steps per day. However, she increased the intensity to 8,000 steps and then to 10,000 steps. Eventually, she walked 12,000 steps and sometimes, even more, around 14,000 steps with her family.

The second thing she focused on was the sound sleep of seven hours every night. “Sleep is such an important thing, especially for a mom with three little kids at home and big business,” says Harley.

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Another thing she had to strictly follow was to stay away from technological goods for at least an hour. The blue light coming out from the smartphone, laptop, tablet, and such other items gets the best of our brain tricking it into disturbing its hormone production. Hence, the stopping of such tech resulted in optimal hormone production.

Diet control is important as well during weight loss. So, Pasternak put it at the fourth number to take into consideration. According to his book, The Body Reset Diet (2013), Jess consumed 3 meals 2 snacks per day.

We did not diet in a tasteless, extreme, radical way.

They opted for the protein and fiber in meals while from snacks, they targeted healthy fat and protein or fibers. She loves the Tex-Mex flavors so, she had a whole host of healthy versions to try.

A quick fact – she loves cauliflower and can use it as a substitute for anything. She also avoided alcohol in order to lose weight.

As per the reports by Hollywood Life, Jess ate only one whole egg with three egg whites and scrambled it with a bowl of blackberries for breakfast. Similarly, for lunch, her diet included grilled chicken and fish with a salad. For dinner, she only had vegetables and salad. Likewise, as for her snacks, she usually ate almonds and green beans.

Last not but least, circuit workouts for four days a week. Everyday Jess had to go through different circuits of resistance exercises focusing on different body parts every day.

Jess started her regimen with a five-minute walk on the treadmill followed by circuits of two to three exercises each. The 39 years old had to repeat each circuit a total of five times. Typically, a day’s workout stretched to a max of 45 minutes.

Though they worked out at the gym, Harley revealed that working out in the gym was only a way of the past. Now, it’s all about focusing on the way of life.

According to US Magazine, the trainer used nightly emails to keep in check with Simpson’s daily goals. And, so his clients, before bed, hit up the yes / no questions about their daily journey. Well, this technique sure has worked in the case of Jessica Simpson, eh?

Insight on Her Previous Weight Loss Journey

The fashion designer Jessica Simpson has gained weight previously as well and had to go through a regimen to lose fat.

The first time she gained weight was during her first child’s birth. When she was pregnant with her first daughter, Maxwell Drew Johnson (b. May 1, 2012), she gained as much as 70 lbs.

Following the birth of her child, she was approached by the Weight Watchers who created a controlled diet for her to strictly follow. During that time as well, Pasternak helped her process her weight loss journey with four-day workout sessions per week. Around September 2012, Jess was 60 lbs down, just 10 lbs shy of the weight gained.

Jessica Simpson before and after weight loss in 2012.
Jessica Simpson’s before and after weight loss journey in 2012. Source: Hollywood Life

As soon as she got lean, she announced about her second pregnancy in December 2012. She again strayed away from her healthy life and gained much weight during the birth of her second child, a son, Ace Knute Johnson on June 30, 2013.

The same Weight Watchers who turned into WW International, helped the Grammy-winning Gospel singer Tamela Mann to lose over 40 lbs. Click here for more info about her weight loss journey.

This time around, she didn’t seek out Pasternak but, commenced her weight loss journey with a different trainer. They controlled their diet and trained vigorously for three days a week. Unfortunately, that wasn’t working for her.

Jessica Simpson before (right) and after (left) weight loss in 2014.
Jessica Simpson’s before and after. Source: E! News

Jess again sought out help from Pasternak and worked out four times a week with the same kind of controlled diet she munched on before. After some time, the lady was back to her best!

Trainer Harley’s Thought on Simpson’s Weight Loss

The fitness trainer, Harley Pasternak, who has helped top-tier celebs including Adam Levine, John Mayer, and Kanye West among others, always had the sweetest of things to say about Jessica.

Harley believed that being pregnant on and off for seven years can make it hard for anyone to remain in shape. Unlike the previous two times, the third time, Jess was more focused and determined to lead a healthy life.

Harley explains that this time it was a different story than the other times. This 100 lbs weight loss was more about her lifestyle, about what she did on her own time.

She was saying that her body has not belonged to her for the past decade. Not in a bad way, in a positive way — her body has been designated to create life and now it’s hers again and she’s going to make it fantastic in a really enjoyable way.

Following Simpson’s remarkable weight loss, Pasternak revealed that there is no magical diet which is too much of an essence. Taking enough steps daily sees to the fact that one can consume whatever one likes, and in same manner, proper eating habits make one free from vigorous workout regimen.

Harley also uncovers the need of moderate aerobic activities daily with a balanced low-sugar diet for a healthy life. “It’s not about the workouts,” he says.

You don’t lose weight doing biceps curls and lunges. You lose weight by changing your diet, hitting your step goal, working on your sleep.

And that’s what Jessica Simpson did to lose 100 lbs of weight!

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