Jason Aldean looks thinner in his 2019 photo than in his older one thanks to his diet plan.

The Secrets to Jason Aldean Weight Loss and More!

The American country singer Jason Aldean released his new album, 9 on November 22, 2019, but that’s not why he’s on the trending list. He is enjoying the limelight because of his weight loss news.

Recently, following the birth of his second kid with wife Brittany Aldean, the duo started their weight loss journey. To the surprise of many, it worked as his wife lost over 40 lbs of fat while Jason has remained mum about the numbers, though changes look visible. So, what did they do to lose all that weight? Well, they canceled out their gym membership and started living a healthy life with a well-timed diet.

Let’s get to know more about the Night Train singer’s weight loss journey.

Jason Aldean’s Weight Loss Secrets

The Rearview Town singer Jason Aldean recently revealed that he had had changes on his overall lifestyle after he had a chit chat with a nutritionist, following the birth of Navy Rome Aldean with his partner on Feb 4, 2019.

As he revealed, he is always on the road for tours and such and eats at all the wrong times. Hence, he met the nutritionist and asked him what he should be eating, and the when and how often as well.

Jason, who only started gaining weight close to his 40 years mark, had a chat with him for around an hour and a half and got everything sorted out. During his seating with the nutritionist, what he found out was that he was not overeating, he was just munching at the wrong times.

The biggest thing was I didn’t eat enough, and I was eating way later than I should have and things like that.

Aldean, hence, started eating better and better, and his metabolism fired back up. He began to get back to where his regular size would have been, and all that came just from eating better.

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The 42 years’ old takes four eggs with avocado as his breakfast, and a couple of hours later, he munches on a protein bar. For lunch, he’ll gobble up fish, salmon, and broccoli, or something similar. He tops it all off with another protein bar somewhile later.

A lot of protein, a lot of vegetables, not a lot of carbs and not a lot of sugar. It’s really not rocket science. That’s pretty much is.

So guys, don’t forget, protein is the key and stay away from the carbs if you want to lose weight like Jason.

How Jason and His Wife got into Weight Loss?

Jason and his wife were at the seventh heaven when they gave birth to their second child. But, as it stood, his wife, Brittany, gained 40 lbs or such during both of her pregnancies. So, she wanted to gain the confidence back, and thus, it hit Brittany’s mind.

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As reported by Yahoo, the South Beach Diet spokesperson felt the need to take charge of her own body and focus on her health, which would ultimately reflect on the outside. She further spoke about the South Beach diet, which pretty much worked for her.

The mother to Navy and Memphis Aldean revealed that the diet plan makes it easier for her to eat often without starving herself.

I feel very healthy, I feel good, and in turn I’m losing weight.

Well, they sure have lost weight, right?

Jason Aldean Jimmy Fallon Team Up for a Parody

Your favorite Jimmy Fallon and the singer Jason Aldean collaborated in a new skit for Thanksgiving. They celebrated the drinking-night tradition of Thanksgiving or the evening before and made a parody video out of it.

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This parody, which depicts the truth but in a funny way, is initially for the drinking night tradition; however, it actually tries to show the idea of aging. The guys are trying their best to keep their maturity in check though they know the next morning would bring them regrets.

Hometown Bar with Jason Aldean and Jimmy Fallon

Apart from the small musical piece, the country music singer also performed his song, We Back during his visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Jason’s New Albums and Tour

Now, for another big news, Jason Aldean recently released his new album, 9, on November 22, 2019. The singer first talked about his single on September 9, 2019, and released its single, We Back, while at it.

Jason Aldean’s latest song, We Back, from his album 9

Starting with We Back, Aldean’s latest album has around 16 songs. The number’s sixteen because he wanted people to get double of what they’re expecting. As they buy an album with just eight songs for 10 bucks, he wants them to spend the same for more!

I want it (his new album, 9) to be something they listen to from top to bottom, and never hit skip…or thumbs down, or whatever

Following the release of this album, a lot of his fans are curious about his tour for 9. But, hold your horses, as he has other plans of his own.

Aldean is currently booked for a number of trips. He will headline at the venues including Park Theater, Colonial Life Arena, Amway Center, and such since December 6 till March 14, 2020. If you’re interested, you can buy the tickets on his website.

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