Blue Bloods Garrett Gregory Jbara' weight loss saw him lose 80 lbs in just a year.

Here’s How Garrett Gregory Jbara Lost Weight? His Health!

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Blue Bloods star Gregory Jbara was living a carefree life with a successful career and married life but, when he heard about someone dying due to overweight, he was swept off his feet. This incident made him think about losing weight.

On his 57th birthday, Gregory Jbara set out on a challenge, a challenge to lose 57 lbs of weight by his 58th birthday. To his shock, he lost well over it. After just over a year, he had lost as much as 80 lbs or 36.2 kg. How did he lose weight? Well, it’s all thanks to his diet management.

Let’s look into the steps Gregory took to lose all that weight alongside the reasons behind doing so. Also, we’ll also talk about his health and illness! So stay tuned!

How Much Weight Did Gregory Jbara Lose?

Well, Gregory Jbara started his weight loss journey when he was 270 lbs or 122.4 kg. In around a year, he was able to drop his weight by 80 lbs. He now weighed in at only 185 lbs or 84 kg.

Gregory Jbara lost a total of 80 lbs of body fat in one year.
Gregory Jbara was almost 270 lbs in 2018.
Source: Pinterest

Greg was never this healthy back in his days. In 1985, when he enrolled at The Julliard School, his weight was only 175 lbs. 12 years after that, his weight increased by 5 lbs, and by 2018, he was battling Obesity with 270 lbs. His BMI in 2018 would have been around 35 which infers that the person is obese.

Why Did Gregory Jbara Lose Weight?

When we think about Gregory Jbara’s weight loss, we are quite happy with the results but, do we know why he opted for a weight loss journey? Well, here are the details!

The story starts with one of his sons, Zachary Jbara, who was 16 years old when he decided to workout at the gym and hire a personal trainer. He was as motivated as he could have been. Fast forward to 2018, when Greg’s bulky body was easily visible on TV. This led to one of his Blue Bloods fans into his Facebook DMs. They chatted about weight loss and the benefits of losing weight but Jbara was still not convinced to do it himself.

Around the same time, he had the same chat with a lady while in an organic grocery store. The lady spoke about how her husband’s health problems were minimized with an organic diet ignoring red meat, carbs, and dairy. (Greg was holding raw milk.) Though she was talking to him, he didn’t know about it until he turned back. Greg defended himself by telling the milk was for his youngest child, Aidan Jbara, and the lady approved him of it while going on about her food regimen.

Gregory Jbara talks about his weight loss journey in his comments section of Facebook.
Gregory Jbara’ comment on his weight loss journey.
Source: Facebook

Around late 2018, the three-time Tony Award nominee, Marine Mazzie, passed away because of ovarian cancer. This fact struck Jbara, who now thought his weight and his health are all in his own hands, unlike cancer which Marine couldn’t do anything about.

Taking care of my health is a simple and profound expression of how much I love myself and, more importantly, love and want to be with my wife and sons.

Greg learned that wasting life away would be a grave mistake and so, with a changed mentality, he now opted for a weight loss journey. On his 57th birthday, he made a challenge to himself, a challenge to lose 57 lbs by his next birthday.

How did He Lose Weight? His Weight Loss Secrets!

Alongside his family members, the 6 feet 2 inches tall Gregory Jbara contacted Lilly Padilla, a nutritionist, to talk about healthy living. Lilly gave him a specific diet chart to follow on the basis of his body type and his body needs, which for him was weight loss.

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Following Padilla’s diet plan, Greg’s weight was down by 80 lbs. In just five months’ time, he lost 55 lbs. The remaining fat 25 lbs were lost when he was in a four months’ break portraying Garrett Moore on Blue Bloods during the last episode of Season 9 and the premiere of the 10th Season.

Greg and his family all consumed a healthy diet after meeting up with nutritionist Lilly Padilla.
Greg Jbara and his family followed an organic diet plan.
Source: Facebook

The weight loss was not only for Greg but his whole family as well. His darling wife, Julie Jbara lost 41 lbs while his elder son lost 80 lbs. In contrast, his younger son put on some weight.

Greg’ Testimonial on Lilly Padilla

Lilly Padilla gave Gregory Jbara and his family a weight loss diet chart alongside a few recipes as well. As the actor needed diet chart in accordance with his regular travel for work, she made him a diet plan that fit all his needs.

Greg was quite happy with the results and hence, he went in for a testimonial for his nutritionist where he revealed that he was already 55 lbs lighter in just four months. In addition to his weight, his blood reports were also normal.

After 57 years of ‘living to eat’ instead of ‘eating to live,’ Lilly Padilla has taught this ‘Old Dog’ some ‘new tricks.’

Why did Greg’s Fans Think He was Ill? Truth Behind His Health Concerns

After his 80 lbs weight loss, Gregory Jbara’ fans got concerned about his health and they filled his social media with questions related to his illness and health problems.

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To have seen him at 270 lbs when the Season 9 ended and at 185 lbs when the Season 10 premiered, anybody would have concerns regarding his health. He wrote about his family’s health success and revealed that he felt better than he ever had in the last 12 years.

Gregory Jbara thanks his fans for concerns regarding his health and reveals the truth.
Garrett comments about his health and illness.
Source: Facebook

Greg said,

I now feel better than I have in over 12 years.

Greg isn’t sick at the moment and nothing’s happening to his health. He looks pale only because of his recent weight loss.

Blue Bloods Garrett Moore’ Gastric Bypass Surgery

The executive producers for the CBS show, Blue Bloods, where Gregory Jbara plays the role of Garrett Moore, decided to change an already-decided episode to show Greg’s body transformation.

Garrett Moore from Blue Bloods weight loss episode.
Garrett Moore AKA Gregory Jbara and his fellow castmates during the Rectify episode of Season 9, regarding Greg’s weight loss.
Source: Cheat Sheet

The producers made a change to the scripts and the entire episode was now about obesity and personal health. On the Season 9, episodes 19, Rectify, the show was about police health where Garrett was shown to go through a gastric bypass surgery to lose weight.

Kudos to Greg for wanting to live a healthier life and well, living one. Let’s keep on hoping that he leads a healthy life for years to come.

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