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What You Need to Know about Fares Landoulsi’s Dating Affairs and Net Worth!

Source: Fares Landoulsi’s Instagram

Fares Landoulsi is a Tunisian actor, writer, and director who is very famous for his appearance in the 2020 Netflix series, Messiah as the Syrian refugee, Samer. Prior to this, he has worked in half a dozen acting projects.

Fares Landoulsi’s Net Worth

  • The Tunis actor Fares Landoulsi has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand from his career as an actor.
Fares Landoulsi wearing white shirt and red blazer.
Fares Landoulsi is estimated to have $300 thousand worth of fortune.
Source: Screen Daily
  • The average salary of a Netflix actor is $30,000 per episode, so he also might be getting in the same range.
  • He made his acting debut in the year 2012 after his appearance in the short video, What the Day Owes the Night as himself.
  • In 2014, he was cast in the TV Series, School as Mortadha / Djappa and in a short movie, Face à la Mer as Yacine.

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  • He is very famous for his work in the short movie, Omertà as Yahia which released in 2018.
  • His career got huge limelight after he was cast in the Netflix series, Messiah as the Syrian refugee, Samer. In the show, he appeared alongside Stefania LaVie Owen, Mehdi Dehbi, and Michelle Monaghan, among others.
Netflix’s Messiah Trailer.
  • Looking at his upcoming credits, he is set to appear as a young and frustrated Tunis man who’s deported from Italy in a short drama, The Return. Similarly, he will also be appearing in a show by French-US Choreographer, Christina Towle, Spring.

Is Fares Landoulsi Dating Anyone?

  • The 26 years old Fares Landoulsi seems to be in a dating relationship with a model named Argui Gancedo.
Fares Landoulsi with his partner, Argui Gancedo.
Fares Landoulsi is thought to be in a dating relationship with his girlfriend, Argui Gancedo. Source: Fares Landoulsi’s Instagram
  • When we look at Fares’s Instagram, we can find the duo in a number of posts. The actor has even called her, “Love” in a few of his posts.
  • Well, there’s not much to know about the duo as they have kept everything a secret.
  • Since his post on July 27, 2017, there has been no posts showing the duo together so this does this mean, they are over? Well, let’s just wait until he reveals his relationship status to his beloved fans.
Fares Landoulsi with Sayeh Mariem.
Fares Landoulsi with his close friend and fello actor, Sayeh Mariem.
Source: Fares Landoulsi’s Instagram
  • Fares is very close to fellow actor Sayeh Mariem. He frequently shares pictures with her. Due to this reason, some of his fans might have confused her as his girlfriend. They are just good friends.
  • Likewise, there’s another girl in the actor’s life. He is best friends with Diabo Litta.

Fares Landoulsi’s Early Life and Education

  • Fares Landoulsi was born on 28 November 1993 in Tunis, Tunisia.
  • He grew up alongside two siblings: a sister and a brother.
  • He is very close to his mother. In fact, he even gives her credits for his successful life.

All these memories I have with you; My childhood, my adolescence, my first steps in adult life. All the stages of my existence, I have gone through them and lived by your side. You have always been there to accompany me, to take my hand, to support me, to encourage me, to congratulate me. But also, quite simply, you allowed me to build memories, slices of childhood to fill my memory with happy moments, precious moments. You offered me moments of simple happiness, you transmitted to me these values, these principles, these rules that have forged my education and my personality over the years. There are so many memories that come to mind that it would take me pages to list them all.

Fares Landoulsi on his mother.
Fares Landoulsi with his mother.
Fares Landoulsi was raised by his mother alongside a brother and a sister.
Source: Fares Landoulsi’s Instagram
  • Since his childhood days, he was very interested in acting, and he was sent to drama class at the age of seven after his mother saw his passion for acting.

I ended up having a very busy timetable but I didn’t mind. I wanted to be an actor. It was my dream.

Fares Landoulsi talks about his early life.
  • Landousi completed his degree in 2015 from Tunis University’s Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts.

Tattoos of Fares Landoulsi

  • The Messiah actor Fares Landoulsi really loves tattoos it seems.
  • He has a beautiful tattoo of an eye in his right forearm which he prefers to call his third eye. On his Instagram, he flaunted the picture of his tattoo and captioned it, “This Is My Third Eye”.
Fares Landoulsi showing off his eye tattoo.
Fares Landoulsi has a tattoo of an eye on his right forearm.
Source: Fares Landoulsi’s Instagram
  • On his left leg, he has a small tattoo of a boat. He shared the picture of his tattoo on his Instagram captioning it “The Drunken boat”.
  • This tattoo of his was made by Loughie Alston of TrailerTrashTattoo.
Fares Landoulsi has a tattoo on his right ankle.
Fares Landoulsi has a tattoo of a drunken boat on his right ankle.
Source: Fares Landoulsi’s Instagram
  • Also, he has a tattoo on his right waist which reads, “Teus less chemins mineat a dieu; j’ai choisi celuide la danse,” which translates to “All paths lead to God, I’ve chosen the dance.” The English translation might not be correct but we think the quote is from the said “most popular poet” in the US, Rumi.

Some Other Facts

  • Fares Landoulsi is a big fan of actress Natalie Portman.
  • For his role in the Messiah, Landoulsi lost 18 kg and was down to 63 kg. Following the completion of the shooting, he put on weight with a yo-yo dieting.
  • He says he wants to learn as many languages as possible.
  • Screen International’s Middle East correspondent, Melanie Goodfellow named him one of the Arab Stars of Tomorrow 2019.

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