Fantasia Barrino' body tranformation photo.

Details about Fantasia Barrino’ Weight Loss and Gain!

This woman is known for winning the 2004 American Idol and also for her controversial affair. We’re talking about Fantasia Barrino, who once hit the headlines for her weight loss journey.

The 35 years old singer took charge of her own life and started eating healthy. Not only that, but she also made sure that she worked out in the gym with a trainer. Likewise, she also followed a program devised by Urban Skin Solutions. The result? Her weight loss!

Check out how Fantasia Barrino lost weight and also find out the reasons for doing that.

What was Fantasia Barrino’s Reason for Weight Loss?

Well, her major reason for shedding some pounds is because of the health problems in her family. While talking to Essence, she revealed that most of her cousins have high blood pressure and taking medications for it. Hence, she wanted to be the person in her family to stop this and live a good healthy life.

I want to be around for a long time.

Barrino said she can’t be like that and also revealed that it was hard for her to move on stage. She also disclosed how she feels on stage and how she could just pass out from moving.

Fantasia Barrino shows off her weight loss journey in 2019.
Fantasia Barrino looks gorgeous after her weight loss journey.

On another interview, she opened up about how she wanted to look fine. She just doesn’t like to visit the doctors with her grandma and her cousins to check up her high blood pressure and all.

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The Baby Mama singer knows the things she consumes isn’t as healthy as she thinks it is. Hence, she divulges that she wants to be healthy, be on her top form for a long, long time just like legendary singers, Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin.

This (Her Body) is my temple. I have to protect it.

Fantasia wants to be healthy and also look good at the same time. Thus, she opted for workouts and diet management! More on this below!

So, What are Fantasia Barrino’ Weight Loss Secrets?

As already mentioned twice before, she took up gymming and food control to make her weight loss work.

I work out every day, and I watch what I put in my mouth.

She was consuming a diet of around 1200 to 1400 calories per day. Her food intake generally comprised of high protein and low carbs. In addition, she drank more water and ate every two to three hours, which eventually kept her metabolism boosted.

The mother of two revealed that it was because of Urban Skin Solutions which prepared her the diet plan that helped her lose weight, 20 lbs to be exact.

Urban Skin Solutions helped me look better and feel better without taking shortcuts or going under the knife.

The owner of the solutions, Rachel Roff, also spoke about Fantasia and said she was a fitness junkie. There, she also explained how Barrino loved Bikram yoga, most commonly known as hot yoga.

She has a trainer that she works out with regularly that incorporates cardio and strength training.

The American Idol winner works out with her personal trainer, Sonya Dalton McRoberts, author of Total You. She usually does Strength and Cardio alongside HIIT workouts. Besides, she also loves Pilates, Spinning, and other Bootcamp classes.

The key right now is cardio!

Now, Fantasia lifts more weight, and she keeps her supporters informed about her journey on her socials, especially her Instagram. In 2016, she took to her IG to share a now-deleted before and after photo of her body transformation.

The picture showcased her during her honeymoon with her husband, Kendall Taylor, in July 2015 at Puerto Rico and her current figure. The post also thanked Charlotte Urban Skin and their medical weight loss program that helped her to lose weight.

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On August 13, 2016, Fantasia took to her IG profile to share that she feels beautiful when she works out with Sonya. Similarly, on a new post on January 20, 2017, the lady opened up about taking her health and fitness to a whole new level.

This means taking advantage of all available resources to achieve the desired look I am aiming for.

She also revealed that she had to “burn more calories” and that, she uses a Waist Contouring Activity Band to sweat much more. Here’s the post!

Fantasia Barrino says something about her weight loss journey.
Fantasia Barrino took to her Instagram to share her inner thoughts about her journey.

A Much Serious Post?

Another post came up just five days later on January 25, 2019, where Barrino revealed some of her deep thoughts. Here, she disclosed how she’s come to accept the building (her body) and how she’s ready to clean the insides.

The inside meaning this body, this shell, my armor which I love but now I thirst and hunger for more.

She said she wanted a healthier life, a healthier relationship, business, her familial relationships. The 35 years old singer also wanted to change the way she thinks and start over again. But how does she do that?

Well, according to Barrino, it’s about silence, time, and strength. She acknowledges that working out in the gym has made not only her body but her mind and soul stronger.

Hats off to her determination, which has actually paid off, right?

Fantasia Barrino Weight Gain

Enough with the weight loss, now, let’s talk a bit about her weight gain, which she took up to play the role of the Queen of Gospel Mahalia Jackson. For the role, Fantasia had to gain around 30 to 45 lbs of weight.

She’s just signed on to play the lead in Mahalia and has been told to gain 30 to 45 lbs for the role.

Due to her huge build at the time, a plethora of her fans also believed that she was pregnant. For that, her rep for the time, Brian Dickens said,

Fantasia is 100% not pregnant. The only thing she’s pregnant with is prosperity.

Well, well, his reply seems to describe the moment!

Barrino’ Suicide Attempt

As revealed by the IBTimes, the Back to Me singer opened up to VH1‘s Behind the Music, saying she tried killing herself by overdosing on aspirin and sleep aid. But, fortunately, she survived.

I didn’t have any fight in me, I didn’t care about anything. I just wanted out.

The songstress attempted suicide when she was facing a lot of family problems. Not just that, but, her lawsuit was also the cause of her attempt. She faced legal charges for dating or having an affair with a man though she knew he was married. To find out more about her lawsuit, take a look at a post from HuffPost.

Taking all things into consideration, Fantasia Barrino showed determination and hard work to live a healthy life and started with her journey. After all these years, she sure has come a long way, hasn’t she? Her figure speaks for itself!

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