Ethan Suplee's body transformation from fat to fit.

500 Lbs to 195 Lbs – Ethan Suplee’s Amazing Body Transformation Over a Decade!

Randy Hickey from My Name is Earl, Ethan Suplee took himself through an amazing body transformation to lose over 300 lbs of body fat over sixteen years. His weight loss secret?

Road bikes! Well, following his appearance in My Name is Earl, he started obsessively riding cycles, and in no time, actually, in 11 years, he shed over 200 lbs of fat, dropping to 9% body fat at one point.

Come, let’s explore why our favorite D from Hulu series, Chance, lost all that weight and how exactly was he able to drop such body fat. Also, find out what exactly happened after he lost weight as well!

Secrets to Ethan Suplee’s Weight Loss!

If you think Ethan Suplee’s weight loss is all thanks to a weight loss surgery then, you are 100% wrong. The American History X alum lost weight through his strict discipline in his day to day life.

Ethan Suplee weight loss journey before and after photo.
Ethan Suplee lost 200 lbs of body fat in just over a decade.
Source: TMZ

As already revealed earlier, the 43-year-old lost his weight thanks to his excessive cycle riding and most certainly, his eating habits. He explained in 2011 that he started riding bikes after he was cast in My Name is Earl. The man even went on to reveal that he was down to nine percent body fat at one point, and that’s because he rode bicycle six to eight hours a day.

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Though his fans knew he’d been losing weight, they didn’t know Ethan was going to be this skinny. The man’s appearance in the premiere of the film, Unstoppable in 2010, gained him much media attention. And, when TMZ got to interview him, he said the main reason for his transformation was bicycles. He joked,

I wear Spandex and everything.

Now, we all know how he lost all that weight, right? But, was there any specific reason for him to lose all that fat?

Reason for Weight Loss

Well, we all know Ethan Suplee and the director, Kevin Smith, are good friends. In fact, Suplee has appeared in a number of movies and tv series for his mate, starting with the big one, Mallrats.

Mallrats trailer featuring Ethan Suplee

During his appearance in Mallrats, he and Smith had made a bet. The bet was about shedding pounds!

According to Suplee, he had made a bet with Smith about losing more weight than him in a decade. And it seems, he has done so, right? In a decade or so, Ethan lost 200 lbs of body fat, and all the credits go to his six to eight hours of cycling daily.

In 10 years, he was 200 lbs lighter, but now, after as much as 16 years into his journey, he has shed 305 lbs of fat dropping his weight from 500lbs to 195lbs. He credits his weight loss to not only cycling but also workouts and action movies; he had come across.

Was Dropping Weight Fruitful for Ethan?

Well, in case of his mental and physical health, Ethan Suplee’s weight loss was a pretty good choice. But, it wasn’t fruitful for his acting career.

As he revealed in EW’s What to Watch podcast, the 6-feet-1-inch tall actor was close to missing out on the Hulu series, Chance, just because he was skinny. Shocked, right? Well, we were too!

Initially, the casting directors didn’t want me to come in because I’d lose a bunch of weight.

The father of four revealed that his casting directors, though proposed him to act in the movie at first, said he was not heavy enough following his weight loss. He also opened up about being someone who people didn’t know about at all after his body transformation.

I found that people were like, ‘Who are you? We don’t know you. You’re this new person.’

Well, after this, he made a decision to not kill himself while trying to lose weight. He just sat back and relaxed.

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After that, he gained some weight, and fortunately, he was cast as D in Chance. While talking about his appearance in this movie alongside Hugh Laurie, he revealed that the fight scenes in the film helped him further in his weight control.

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One month till Chance

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Ethan already knew Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu, and follwoing this action drama, he was able to grasp on to another fighting style, Kali, that originated from the Philippines.

It was a whole different set of ideals I had to learn for this show.

Well, whatever it be, the man appeared in the show till 2017 when the show officially came to an end.

Suplee, at Present

At present, Ethan Suplee is more than inclined towards gaining muscles. He is getting jacked now!

His recent post on November 15, 2019, shows him all jacked up in the Stay the Course apparel. Another post on November 22, 2019, shows him at the gym, all buffed up. He captioned the pic with a quote from the Irish novelist, Samuel Beckett. Here’s the post!

All things considered, Ethan has managed to stay fit and healthy, and now, it looks as if he can both buff up and shed weight according to the needs of the roles.

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