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What to Know about Keith David’s Wife, Dionne Lea Williams!

Source: Dionne Lea Williams’ Instagram

Most of us know Dionne Lea Williams as the wife of famous American actor and voice actor, Keith David. But, she also has her own identity as an actor, writer, producer, voice artist, and podcaster.

Dionne Lea Williams’ Net Worth is $1 Million

  • Dionne Lea Williams, who’s involved in several professions in the entertainment industry, has earned a huge amount from her career. As of 2020, her net worth is calculated at around $1 million.
  • On the other hand, she also shares $3 million with her husband, Keith David.

Career in the Entertainment Industry

  • Dionne Lea Williams is involved in several sectors of the entertainment industry. As per her Instagram profile, she is an actress, singer, storyteller, writer, voice-over artist, and podcaster.
Dionne Lea Williams's bio on Instagram.
Dionne Lea Williams’ Instagram Bio.
Source: Dionne Lea Williams’s Instagram
  • Dionne started her career as an actress back in the late ’90s but she couldn’t receive as huge popularity as her husband. She has been part of the movies such as Celeste Bright, American Fusion, Hellbent, Ray meets Halen, Lost Treasure of the Maya, among others.
  • Williams would’ve been filming the movies, Overshare (Gigi) and Dolphin Island (Desaray Rolle) if it weren’t for COVID.
  • She is also a singer with Innovative Artists and Imperium 7.
  • Besides, she has her own podcast, The Way I am Now, which is currently in its third season.

An Entrepreneur

  • Besides her career in the entertainment industry, Dionne Lea Williams is also a famous businesswoman.
  • According to her Linkedin profile, she’s the President of Roar of the Lion since April 2002.
  • Also, she served for Sweet Blackberry as a social media coordinator from mid-2014 to 2015.

A Philanthropist

  • The multi-talent personality, Dionne is also an active social worker who has been supporting the Red Cross currently. The main motto of the organization is to create a sense of social belonging to the people of LA.
  • Lea and her family were part of a FB Live Broadcast by the Red Cross on April 3, 2020, where she alongside her family taught viewers to cook spaghetti.
  • In addition to this, she also took the challenge to post a photo and stage other women which was started  to get one point across, “BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

Dionne Lea Williams’ Married to Keith David; Mother of Two

  • Dionne Lea Williams got married to Keith David on April 28, 2001, in a private ceremony.
Keith David kissing his wife Dionne Lea Williams on the cheek.
Dionne Lea Williams has been married to Keith David for almost 2 decades.
Source: Dionne Lea Williams’ Instagram
  • While talking about their love life, they first met through one of their mutual friends on May 8, 1992. While recalling their first meeting, Keith on his Instagram on May 8, 2017, wrote,

I’d like to take a moment to reflect this afternoon. Twenty-five years ago I met a young woman who would change my life. I had no idea, at that time that she would one day be my wife! GOD blessed us by allowing us to be married 16 years ago (we recently celebrated our anniversary) and if I’m lucky, and stay blessed, I’ll get to spend the rest of my life by her side!

Keith David on how he met his wife
  • They dated for around eight years before tying the knot.
  • As of now, they have completed 19 years of togetherness and on their 19th wedding anniversary, Dionne shared the picture of their big day on her Instagram wishing her husband a happy anniversary.
Dionne Lea Williams and her spouse Keith David's wedding day photo.
Dionne Lea Williams and husband Keith David celebrated 19 years of togetherness in 2020.
Source: Dionne Lea Williams’s Instagram
  • They’ve welcomed two daughters: Maelle Williams (born August 9, 2001) and Ruby Williams (born April 24, 2003). She also has a stepson named Osei, aka Owen David.
Dionne Lea Williams has two kids with husband.
Dionne Lea Williams has two kids with her spouse, Keith David.
Source: Gina Walker’s Photography

Michelle Obama’s Fan

  • Dionne Lea Williams also seems to be the biggest fans of the former First Lady, Michelle Obama.
  • The mother of two found one of Michelle’s books so amusing that she felt the author near her every time she read that book. On January 18, 2019, Dionne took to her Instagram on Ms. Obama’s birthday and revealed that she won’t have that feeling of closeness again as the book was nearing its end.

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