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Get to Know Darby Rudd, Paul Rudd’s Daughter!

Darby is the daughter of Paul Rudd and Julie Yaeger. Source: Instagram

Darby Rudd is a celebrity kid famous for being the youngest child of Paul Rudd and Julie Yaeger.

Darby Rudd’s Early Life

  • Darby Rudd was born to Paul Rudd and Julie Yaeger in 2010 in New York City, USA.
Paul Rudd and Darby Rudd,
Darby is the youngest child of Paul and Julie.
Source: Instagram
  • She has an elder brother Jack Sullivan Rudd who is four years older than her. He is a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs and Manchester City.
  • She is the granddaughter of Michael Rudd (Rudnitsky) and Gloria Irene Granville.
  • Her name “Darby” which comes from the Irish North Germanic language means ‘free from envy’.

Parents Together Since 1995

  • Darby Rudd’s parents first met in 1995 in New York after Julie was hired as Rudd’s publicist.
Paul Rudd and Julie Yaeger.
Paul and Julie first met in 1995.
Source: Instagram

She was the first person I met in New York. We started talking and there was a maturity with her – she had experienced some tragedy in her life, I had too, and the impression I got was, wow, this is a woman. This isn’t a girl. I was really taken with who she was and how she had overcome and was in the process of overcoming adversities in her life. There was a perspective that she had and still has on the world that you don’t come too easily – it’s earned and most people don’t have it at such a young age.

  • Soon after their first meeting, they started dating.
  • After eight years of relationship, they shared their vows on February 23, 2003.

Father is An Actor

  • Darby’s father, Paul Rudd is an actor who has been active in the industry since 1992.
Paul Rudd.
Paul has been an actor since 1992.
Source: Instagram
  • He has more than 130 acting credits in his name. Some of his notable works include The Shape of Things, Veronica Mars, The Great Gatsby, and At Home with Amy Sedaris among others.

Mother is An Screenwriter

  • Like his father, his mother is also involved in the entertainment industry as a screenwriter. She served as a screenwriter for the movie, Fun Mom Dinner in 2017.
  • In 2005, she worked on the TV series documentary, The Suite with Dave Karger as an executive producer.

Leading a Lavish Lifestyle

  • Darby Rudd is leading a lavish lifestyle as her parents are multimillionaires.
  • Her father has a net worth of $70 million while her mother is worth $4 million.
  • The family of four currently resides in a New York house that features a fully functional Irish pub in the basement.

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