Dan Greiner and Lori Greiner.

Get to Know Dan Greiner, Lori Greiner’s Husband!

Dan is known for being the husband of Lori Greiner. Source: LinkedIn (Left), Twitter (Right)

Dan Greiner is the husband of an American TV personality and entrepreneur, Lori Greiner. Professionally, he is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and businessman.

Married Life with Lori Greiner

  • Dan Greiner shared his vows with Lori Greiner in 2010 after several years of dating.
  • They first met in 1996 at a bar in Chicago’s trendy Lincoln Park area and soon started dating.

Dan is a numbers guy; I’m the inventor. That’s why we’re a perfect team.

  • An employee even told Chicago Business that she was amazed to see their commitment to each other.

I am amazed at their relationship. I love my husband, but I’d kill him if I had to be with him 24/7.

  • Even after being married for more than two decades, the pair have no kids together.


  • Dan Greiner started his career in 1987 as a Certified Public Accountant for Grant Thornton LLP. After three years of service as a consulting, audit, and tax specialist, he left the job in 1990.
  • From 1990 to 1998, he worked in financial projections, budgeting, accounting, SEC reporting, mergers, and acquisitions for Bell & Howell as a Divison Controller.
  • Along with his wife, he opened a firm, For You Ease Only in 1996 and when it started getting prominence, he left Bell & Howell.
  • He has been working as the Vice President of the company for more than 25 years.
  • Since January 1997, he is working as the co-founder, Chief Operating Officer (COO), and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Lori Greiner Companies.
  • He supervises the financial side of the business and his wife takes care of the innovation side.

Net Worth of $150 Million

  • Dan Greiner shares an estimated $150 million net worth with his wife.
  • The major portion of his worth is possible from his and his partner’s business, For Your Ease Only.
  • The company designed a plastic organizer that could hold 100 pairs of earrings. They sold the item through QVC and within just two minutes, she was able to sell over 2,500 earring organizers.
Lori Greiner’s Ultimate Cosmetic Organizer!
  • Within the year, the organizer earned over $1 million in revenue. It also instantly sold out during its debut on the Home Shopping Network.
  • Within three years, they were able to earn more than $10 million in sales.
  • By 2010, the firm made over $350 million in sales.

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