Dan Fogler's look in Fantastic Beasts before weight loss and The Goldbergs look after weight loss.

Uncle Marvin from The Goldbergs Dan Fogler’s Weight Loss Journey!

Dan Fogler, who appears on every occasion of Thanksgiving in The Goldbergs, Uncle Marvin, has lost a ton of weight. To be exact, the man has lost somewhere around 100 lbs or 45.3 kg. But how did he lose all that weight?

Well, it was his fear of death that made him lose all that weight. Fogler avoided processed food and started intermittent fasting, which resulted in him looking younger than ever.

When his fans saw him during the Thanksgiving episode of The Goldbergs, they were quite shocked to see his body transformation. While many thought his transformation was praiseworthy, others were concerned about his health. Well, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Fans Reaction to Dan’s Thinner Look

When Dan Fogler appeared as Uncle Marvin on the recent Thanksgiving episode, his fans were amazed to see his slender figure. His fans’ reactions were immediate as they started questioning about his weight loss on the likes of Twitter and other social media platforms.

While a fan wrote Dan’s head was photoshopped on another person’s body, another fan joked where the actor’s remaining body was. A fan with the Twitter handle, WJ Reid, thought Dan looked quite good after his weight loss while another fan claimed that Uncle Marvin was looking incredible after his weight loss.

Dan Fogler's weight loss reaction by a fan.
Dan Fogler’s fan tweets about his weight loss. Source: Dan Fogler’s fan’s Twitter

We know Dan’s thinner, but everyone has the same question on their mind – how did he lose all that weight? Find the answers below!

How and Why did Dan Fogler Lose Weight?

Well, we’ve already stated before Dan Fogler lost weight because he was afraid of dying, afraid of not being able to see his kids growing up. On an Instagram post of November 2019, the actor revealed why and how he lost all that weight.

Dan Fogler's instagram post where he shares about his weight loss journey.
Dan Fogler shared about his weight loss journey in an Instagram post.
Source: Dan Fogler’s Instagram

When he turned 40, his metabolism started diminishing, and so, he had to face problems related to digestion; he couldn’t digest sugars and cheese as he could during his early days. If he kept at it, he would’ve suffered from several diseases with the most common being, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Thus, he had to change his lifestyle to remain healthy.

Dan Fogler wishes his wife on the occasion of Mother's Day.
Dan Fogler and his partner in crime.

His weight loss was for the sake of his family, which consisted of his wife, Jodie Capes, and two daughters. All he wanted was to be with his kids when they grow up. He wanted to set an example for his kids, and that’s what he did. He started shedding weight, and now, he’s 100 lbs lighter. But, what was his secret; how did he lose weight?

Dan Fogler shares why he lost all that weight.
Dan Fogler talks about his weight loss journey.

Well, Dan revealed that he’d stopped consuming processed foods and started intermittent fasting. Besides, he also took up martial arts, and that’s about it.

A few of his fans were also concerned about his health when he lost all that weight, but to them, he divulges that he now feels more lively than before and that he’d added 20 years to his life through this journey. There were also a few fans who asked if he was dying. Fogler silenced them by stating that they need to wake up and show a little respect.

I know it’s hard to believe that the fat guy got his act together in a healthy way, but come on people show a little respect, huh? What if I was dying? You think I’d tell you about it in the comments section on Instagram? Wake Up.

Dan Fogler on his weight loss.

On a side note, Uncle Marvin, in addition to revealing about his weight loss journey on Instagram, also revealed that he wanted to author a book about his two-year journey of losing 45 kg.

Well, what matters the most is that he lost 100 lbs, and now, he’s as healthy as can be.

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