A photo of Catherine Bell and Brooke Daniells.

Get to Know Catherine Bell’s Partner, Brooke Daniells!

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Brooke Daniells is a professional photographer who is famous for being the partner of the Army Wives actor, Catherine Bell.

Brooke Daniells’ Early Life

  • Brooke Daniells is the daughter of Penny Atwell Jones, who is an avid Trump supporter and a follower of Scientology.
  • She grew up alongside her four siblings: JanineTristan, Demian Mochary, and Phaedra Leesley.
A collage of Brooke Daniells and her siblings.
Brooke Daniells has four siblings.
Source: Instagram

Are Brooke Daniells and Catherine Bell Married?

  • It seems as if Catherine Bell and Brooke Daniells have married in secrecy. We aren’t still sure of it but Daniells’ IG profile reads, “brookabell“, which might mean Brooke Atwell Bell.
  • Daniells and Bell have been living together since 2012.
Catherine and Brooke Bell 1
Brooke Daniells with her partner Catherine Bell
Image Source: Instagram
  • They first met during the promotion of the Citizens Commission of Human Rights gala opening at the “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death” museum.
  • Mike Rinder took to his blog on July 30, 2014, to reveal the level of awkwardness for Daniells’ mother who had a firm standing in the church, to have her own daughter have a bisexual relationship.

I heard Penny Atwell Jones cannot stand anyone bringing up the subject of Brooke.

Mike Render on the level of awkwardness for Penny.
  • However, Penny has now learned to accept her daughter’s lesbian relationship.

Previous Relationship and Kids

  • Prior to their relationship, both Brooke and Catherine were married.
  • Brooke Daniells was married to Ken Daniells while her partner, Catherine Bell was married to Adam Beason.
  • There is no detail on Brooke’s former marriage.
  • On the other hand, Catherine got married to Adam on May 8, 1994, but divorced after 17 years of togetherness.
  • Daniells is the mother of two kids: a son, Sage Hadley, and a daughter, Zoe Elizabeth.
  • Similarly, Catherine also shared two kids: a daughter, Gemma (b. April 16, 2003)and a son, Ronan Beason (b. August 21, 2010).

Brooke Daniells’ Net Worth and Career

  • Brooke Daniells’ individual net worth is estimated to be around $500 thousand while she also shares $15 million worth with her spouse, Catherine Bell.
  • She is a photographer and blogger.
Brooke Daniells is currently working as a photographer.
Brooke Daniells is a photographer and blogger.
Source: Instagram
  • In 2012, she started her own website hadleyandelizabeth.com where she published content related to lifestyle, recipe, kids, travel, health, and crafts. However, the site is down at the moment.
  • With her partner, she has a jewelry line, Catherine Bell Jewelry where you can find items ranging from $195 to as much as $2,200.
  • From their Jewelry line, they donate a small percentage to The Miraglo Foundation.
  • With her partner, she currently resides in a $2,050,000 mansion located in Hiden Hills, California. The house is made on 3,380 square feet and features 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

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