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What is Brittany Ashton Holmes, Darla from The Little Rascals Doing Now?

Source: 22 Vision Facebook (Left), Instagram (Right)

Brittany Ashton Holmes became a household name after she was cast in the 1994 feature film, The Little Rascals as Darla.  

Darla in “The Little Rascals”

  • Brittany Ashton Holmes was chosen by a talent management agency for the 1994’s family comedy movie, The Little Rascals.
  • In the movie produced by Amblin Entertainment, Darla (played by Brittany), was seen as the love interest of little Alfalfa (played by Bug Hall) who tries to win her heart.
  • They ended up being one of the cutest Hollywood onscreen couples.
A scene from The Little Rascals!
  • The movie earned $67.3 million at the box office.
  • Brittany received critical acclaim from the audience and for this movie, she and her co-actors even earned the Young Artist Award for Best Performance by a Youth Ensemble in a motion picture.

Convincing Brittany For Reunion

  • Brittany Ashton Holmes who chose to stay away from the limelight for more than a decade made an appearance for the reunion of The Little Rascals on September 3, 2014.
  • Los Angeles-based production company 22 Vision gathered all the child actors on the 20th anniversary of the movie to recreate some of the most memorable images of the movie.
The Little Rascals Reunion.
22 Vision took on the responsibility of bringing all the actors together for a reunion.
Source: Facebook
  • The founder of 22 Vision, Brian Pocrass revealed it was difficult to convince Brittany for the reunion.
  • She had gone off the grid and was unreachable.
  • When Brian found her and tried to talk to her, she was skeptic at first but she eventually agreed for the reunion.

Other Projects

  • Folwling the success of The Little Rascals, she appeared in the McDonald’s ads in 1995 where she was featured alongside her TV family enjoying their fast food meal.
  • On March 22, 1995, she appeared in the episode “$5000” alongside Ellen DeGeneres as Julie.
  • She was also part of the erotic drama series called Red Shoe as Dana for the episode, “Divorce, Divorce“.
  • Following this, she was seen in the TV movies Death Benefit, Circuit Breaker, and Humanoids from the Deep in 1996.

Similarity Between Britney Spears and Brittany Ashton Holmes

  • Back on August 22, 2020, Britney Spears shared a post talking about the similarity between Holmes and her.
  • On the video, Darla is constantly instructed not to look directly at the camera.
  • In the post, Spears admitted to look directly at the camera during her childhood just like Ashton.

When I was on the Mickey Mouse Club they used to use a spot for me beside the camera so I would stop looking at the camera 🐭🎥🔴 !!!! I would always get in trouble just like her …. and her name is Britney too …. yes I know hers is spelled Brittany 😜 !!!! I saw this and laughed so hard yesterday 🤣😂😂 !!!!

Britney talks about her similarities with Brittany.

Uninterested In Acting

  • After her early rise to fame, Brittany Ashton Holmes changed her mind and started leading a normal life away from the showbiz.
  • While she was active in MySpace, she claimed that it’s embarrassing to watch herself acting.

I was an actress when I was little and did this movie called ‘The Little Rascals’. It’s, like, really embarrassing to watch and I don’t want to act anymore.

Holmes says she doesn’t want to act through her MySpace account.

Brittany Ashton Holmes Now

  • After rising to prominence at a young age as an actor, Brittany Ashton Holmes completely avoided the spotlight and is now leading a normal life.
  • She discarded her career as an actor and is now staying away from the media limelight.

Holmes’ Early Life

  • Brittany Ashton Holmes was born on February 27, 1989, in California, United States.
  • Her nickname is Brit.
  • She has a height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.6m).
  • Brittany graduated from her high school in Southern California.
  • Did you know she was in her school’s football team?

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