Beth Shuey with her children.

Everything to Know about Beth Shuey, Sean Payton’s Ex-Wife!

Beth is the ex-wife of Sean Payton. Source: Facebook

Beth Shuey is famous for being the ex-wife of Sean Payton (head coach of the NFL team, New Orleans Saints).

Early Life of Beth Shuey

  • Beth Shuey was born in Morocco, Indiana.
  • She currenlty lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • She joined Newton Junior-Senior High School in 1982 and completed her schooling in 1986.
  • Following this, she attended Indiana State University and graduated in 1990.

Married to Sean Payton for Two Decades

  • Beth Shuey and Sean Payton first met in 1990 while the coach had just joined the college as a running back and wide receivers coach and Beth was in her final college years.
  • After two years of dating, they got married on July 11, 1992.
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  • However, after 20 years of marriage, they divorced in 2012.
  • According to the petition from Tarrant County, Sean filed for the divorce on June 14, 2012 citing “discord or conflict of personalities.”

Child Custody and Divorce Settlement

  • After their divorce, they were given joint custody of their kids.
  • On June 26, 2012, Beth filed a petition requesting to be appointed the primary custodian of their kids.
  • Beth received half of her ex-husband’s assets as settlement and also child support.
  • She also got a $3.450 million 7,785 square feet home on Brazos court in Vaquero.

Net Worth

  • Beth Shuey has an estimated net worth of $5 million, thanks to her receiving assets from her former partner.
  • On the other hand, her ex-husband has a fortune of around $24 million. He is believed to make around $8 million per year.

Currently Married to Jamie McGuire

  • Beth Shuey married for the second time with Jamie McGuire on September 20, 2020.
Beth Shuey and Jamie McGuire.
Beth is married to Jamie since 2020.
Source: Facebook
Sean Payton and Sylene Montgomery's wedding day.
Sean is married to Skylene.
Source: Instagram

Mother of Two

  • Beth Shuey shares two kids: a daughter, Meghan Payton, and a son, Connor Payton with her ex-husband, Sean Payton.
Beth Shuey and Her Kids.
Beth with her kids.
Source: Facebook

Meghan Payton

  • Beth and Sean welcomed their first child in 1997.
  • Professionally, she is a sports reporter and is working with WGNO in New Orleans.
  • Talking about her personal life, she is dating Christopher Titone.
Meghan Payton with her boyfriend, Christopher Titone.
Meghan is currently dating Christopher.
Source: Instagram

Connor Payton

  • Beth welcomed her second child, Connor Payton on May 31, 2000.
  • Currenlty, he is studying at TCU – Texas Christian University. He also has been a part of their football team.
  • He is currently dating Audrey L. Carrington.

Step-Mom to One

  • Beth Shuey also has two step kids: Maggie and Molly McGuire from her current partner.
Beth Shuey with Her Husband and Step Kids.
Beth with her husband and step-kids.
Source: Facebook

Maggie McGuire

  • Maggie is studying at East Carolina University.
  • Since September 3, 2020, she is dating Corey Hilderhoff.

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