Behzinga shed 30kg of body fat to look physically fit.

Here’s How Behzinga Lost 30 kg of Body Weight!

Behzinga! You might have remembered Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, here we are talking about the YouTuber, one of the contributors of the group, Sidemen, Ethan Lewis Payne. He gained prominence for his YouTube career, but his weight loss journey created more buzz in social media in recent days.

Zinglebog lost over 30 kg or 66.13 lbs in the span of one year. But what is his secret to weight loss? He lost weight because he took up gymming, counted calories, and remained consistent in his efforts.

To be more acquainted with Behzinga’s weight loss, keep on reading!

How did Ethan AKA Behzinga Lose Weight?

Ethan Payne AKA Behzinga dropped 30 kgs of weight to be the lean man he is today. He was 240 lbs or 108.8 kg when he started his journey. But, now after a year or so, he is at 171 bs or 78 kg.

Behzinga shed some pretty decent pounds during his weight loss journey.
Behzinga started his weight loss journey in February 2018.

The West Ham United fan started his weight loss journey around February 18, 2018, alongside his personal trainer, Dida. He performed strength and hypertrophy program two days a week during the beginning. But, later on, he stuck to the push-pull leg workout regimen six days a week, and sometimes even seven.

Ethan Lewis Payne AKA Behzinga talks about how he started his weight loss journey

As for his dietary restrictions, he refrained from drinking fizzy drinks and just drank water; 2 liters a day minimum. Besides, he also banned processed food from his meal and ate only whole foods. In addition to whole foods, he drank BCAAs, pre-workout, and post-workout supplements.

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There’s another thing Behzinga stuck to during his weight loss journey and that’s intermittent fasting. Yes, you heard that right! The 5 feet 9 inches tall YouTuber also logged his eating habits and his workout routines on the MyFitnessPal app, just like the celebrity chef Maneet Chauhan.

Behzinga shares how he transformed his body from fat to fit.

A normal day in the life of Behzinga starts with green tea. Then after a couple of hours, he consumes BCAAs and pre-workout. He goes to the gym, gets back, and misses breakfast due to his intermittent fasting. Following this, he eats a post-workout meal and that’s about it.

What Tips does Behzinga Give to His Followers’ for their Weight Loss?

Behzinga wants to help his fans lose weight, the same way he did. So, he offers a plan to his fans; a number of things to follow to lose weight.

  • Calorie Deficit
  • Patience
  • Consistency and Hard Work

Calorie Deficit

It’s a known fact that eating less than what your body burns, will always help you shed some pounds. First, check out your BMR or your maintenance calories. Then, eat 500 calories less than what you need and this will definitely drop your weight by one kg per week.


The other thing that should be followed is being patient. You won’t get a lean body in just a month or two. You need to have a little bit of patience. It takes at least three to four months to actually get the results so, keep in mind, Patience is key!

Consistency and Hard Work

We won’t have to tell you about hard work, right? People tend to lose hope after a month or two of working out, so they work out inconsistently, they won’t take note of their calorie intake regularly. So, do remember to regularly burn the candle at both ends.

How do You Get Started on the Body Transformation Journey?

We all want to start somewhere and have a healthy lifestyle. But, most of us don’t know where to start. For this, the Gemini-born internet personality has a number of tips.

  • Weigh yourself.
  • Set a goal that you can commit to.
  • Work out even if it’s only 20 mins a day.

Well, this is it! With a little push and a drive to live a healthy lifestyle, these steps will work wonders.

The Famous 30 Day Challenge – #BetheBehzt

Behzinga has lost a ton of weight and now, he is challenging all of us to a 30-day fitness challenge, #BetheBehzt. This challenge dares everybody to complete a number of steps daily for a healthy lifestyle until Day 30.

Here’s the challenge.

  • No Fizzy Drinks
  • Two Litres of Water a Day
  • No Processed Foods
  • Track Calories
  • 20 Minutes of Exercise a Day or Try Working Out 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, and even 7x days a week.

This workout challenge seems to be working fine as a lot of people are tweeting the hashtag. After a decent number of tweets, Ethan took to his Twitter to share his surprise and appreciation towards his fans.

Behzinga shows gratitude towards his supporters while talking about his 30 Day #BetheBehzt challenge.
Behzinga talks about his 30 days #BetheBehzt challenge.

His fans also immediately replied to Ethan’s appreciation saying that they started working out because they saw his body transformation. Many congratulated him on his weight loss; others just appreciated the consistency he has had for his journey.

Sidemen Workout Challenge

Last but not least, Behzinga took up a challenge from his Sidemen team members. The challenge was to complete all the workouts that each of his teammates picked for him.

Here’s the list of what his teammates asked him to complete.

  • 30 Reps of 4 Knee-Drives with a Press Up – 3 Sets
  • 100 Reps of Hip Inductors – 3 Sets
  • 50 Push Up Burpees – 3 Sets
  • 25 Turkish Get Up on Each Arm – 2 Sets
  • 25 Squats – 2 Sets
  • 25 Pull-Ups – 5 Sets

Though Behzinga was not so sure about completing the tasks, he did it anyway. Cheers for that!

All in all, Behzinga showed in a lot of effort and consistency to actually shed over 30 kilograms of body weight in one year. Now, let’s just hope, he continues on his healthy lifestyle.

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