BAI stands for Body Adiposity Index which calculates body fat.

BAI | Body Adiposity Index Calculator

Body Adiposity Index or simply BAI is the calculation of body fat in adults. Unlike BMI, BAI doesn’t need weight to estimate fat, rather it uses the hips size to calculate the body fat. This index is calculated by dividing the hip circumference by one and a half of their height in meters and subtracting them all to 18.

BAI is different to both males and females. For a male of age 20 to 39, 8% to 21% is the healthy fat level. In contrast, for a female of age 20 to 39, 21% to 33% is healthier.

Body Adiposity Index for Women 

AgeUnderweightHealthy WeightOverweightObese
20-39Less than 21%21% to 33%34% to 39%Greater than 39%
40-59Less than  23%23% to 35%36% to 41%Greater than 41%
60-79Less than 25%25% to 38%39% to 43%Greater than 43%

Body Adiposity Index for Men 

AgeUnderweightHealthy WeightOverweightObese
20-39Less than 8%8% to 21%22% to 26%Greater than 26%
40-59Less than  11%11% to 23%24% to 29%Greater than 29%
60-79Less than 13%13% to 25%26% to 31%Greater than 31%

As already mentioned, the BAI calculation is gender and age-specific. They are different because of the difference in growth patterns in males and females.

Steps to Calculate BAI

Enter your hip circumference (cm) and your height in feet and inches.

Click on calculate, and you will see your BAI score below alongside the category you come into.

Standard BAI Calculator



Enter your hip size in centimeters:


Enter you height (in feet and inches):




Your BAI is:     %

Note: The results indicated by the BAI or Body Adiposity Index calculator are not to be relied upon to make health-related choices. Do consult with your doctor once before making any specific changes to your diet and such.

Here’s a link to a BMI Calculator if you want to check your Body Mass Index that also estimates the body fat as BAI, but takes into account the weight of a person. Also, check out our BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator to find out how many calories to intake.

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