Did Andrea Bocelli lose weight?

All About Andrea Bocelli’ Weight Loss!

Source: Andrea Bocelli’s Instagram

The Italian singer/songwriter Andrea Bocelli recently took stage at the Duomo Cathedral on April 12, 2020, in a live Easter session. Through his live session, he prayed for the whole world during this pandemic.

While appearing in Andrea Bocelli: Music For Hope – Live From Duomo di Milano, fans noticed his thinner look. As a result, his fans were concerned about his health.

Was Bocelli ill? Or is his weight loss because of some diet? Let’s find out!

Did Andrea Bocelli Lose Weight?

Well, the answer is a big NO! Andrea Bocelli hasn’t lost any weight.

We can’t be so sure about his weight loss as people usually gain or lose weight without one knowing. Losing or gaining a few pounds doesn’t seem like much of a problem, does it?

When Bocelli’s fans saw his YouTube session, his fans thought he was ill and as a result, he lost weight. Well, that ended pretty quickly.

Bocelli, however, had rumors of weight loss in 2018 as well. A fan by the name, Jansen Van Vuuren Amour Jacoba took to Andre’s wife, Victoria Berti Bocelli‘s Facebook page to ask about his weight loss.

Here’s his post!

A fan asked about Andrea Bocelli' weight loss!
A fan talks about Andrea Bocelli’ weight loss!
Source: Victoria Berti Bocelli’s Facebook

Well, Jansen did get 130 comments on his post but, he didn’t get any answers. The post is now deleted from Facebook.

Keep on reading to know in brief about the singer’s performance which led fans to believe he had lose weight.

Andrea Bocelli’s Live Performance

The 61 years old blind singer Andrea Bocelli took on stage alongside organist Emanuele Vianelli on April 12, 2020, at the Duomo Cathedral in Milan on a live YouTube session captured with drones.

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The video became one of the biggest YouTube live streams for classical music. It gained over 38 million video views while gaining 916 thousand likes as of this writing.

Andrea, from his his foundation, has started a campaign on the GoFundMe page for COVID-19. The ABF – With you for the CoVid-19 emergency has already collected €254,283 out of their goal of €300,000.

If you want to support the cause, do visit their page and donate as much as you can. Even a small amount will be of great help.

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